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Talk Tuesday | Kayleigh's Story #BISDTT

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Welcome back to Talk Tuesday!

This week I have a outstanding guest post from the beautiful Kayleigh!  
I am so honored and grateful that Kayleigh has been brave enough to share her story with us all today, but just like me she is so devoted to beating the stigma against mental health. I will warn you that this story may trigger many emotions - as it did for me - But grab your cup of tea, sit back and lets hand it over to Kayleigh herself ..... 

Who are you?  Where are you from? What do you do for a living? 
Tell my readers a little about yourself.
I'm Kayleigh, I'm 22, a Mummy of one daughter named Amelia-Mae. With partner Nathan of 7 years. We met in 2010 and been together since. We live in a small town in Derbyshire. I work as a full-time support worker for learning disabilities. Supporting 13 residents with daily challenges. I have been in the care sector for 5 years  and I still love it! 

How has Mental Health affected you? 
I have suffered with depression for the past 3 years, I believe it started when I become a mummy. Which is the best thing that ever happened to me. I lost my mum at 8 years old to depression. so I didn't have a mum to help me or to ask advice from at the scariest time in my life. Thankfully I do have 2 older sisters I am close too that supported me. I was so happy and over the moon then I returned to work. Back then I worked in a dementia unit 12 hour shifts it really broke me having to be away from my little girl 12 hours a day. It become mentality and physically exhausting. I noticed a change in myself so I went to see a doctor I was prescribed some antidepressants and told to make changes to my life to make me happy. So in September 2016 I left my job. Started my new job and moved into our first home together (all within a week) I was so so happy! So I stopped taking my antidepressants WITHOUT consulting my doctor. Idiot! Then again I fell back into the darkness but this time it was worse I felt alone 24/7. I felt my partner and daughter hated me, they are so close shes such a daddy's girl. I started to look worse and people began to notice and ask questions I really struggled to hide it. All I wanted to do was hide in bed forever! Thankfully with my Auntie's help she helped me to begin my recovery walk. My auntie helped me to go see my doctor where I cried my heart out and was supported and given help. I was prescribed Sertraline 50mg a day but now I'm on 100mg a day as I needed the extra help. I was given Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and given home help websites such as MOODJUICE. I attended 3 sessions of CBT to which I was discharged and given more home help and advice that will live with me forever. To where I am now 7 months later. 

Why did you want to take part in #TalkTuesday? 
To share awareness about mental health and for at least one person to go to someone they love and trust or just to see a doctor to get some help. Nobody needs to suffer alone.

Why do you think it is so important for us to talk about Mental Health? 
My mum committed suicide back in 2003 it breaks my heart to think she felt so alone. Even with a husband, 3 daughters and an entire family that absolutely adored her! We need to break the silence so people feel okay to not be okay! And get help and not feel ashamed for doing so.. everyone needs some help at some points in there life and you're definitely not alone, so many people feel the exact same that you do.

How did you overcome this? 
Did you receive any treatment? 
How easy was it to gain access to the help you needed? 
Thankfully I have such a supportive family so I got help from them keeping me going. The NHS helped me with medication and home help while I was put on a waiting list for CBT for a month. But I felt so much better after speaking to my therapist and being given some advice on everything I was worrying about gave me so much peace of mind. And regaining the relationship with my partner and daughter was the best part. We made so many lovely new memories and enjoyed each other company. Even had 2 date nights a week we mainly do this at home but sometimes will go local pub for a meal while kiddy stays with a family member a few hours. We forgot how much we used to laugh together and how much we actually had in common. And I now always spend as much time with my daughter as possible along with working 35 hours a week. So we have a mummy and daughter day once a week, includes arts and crafts, films etc, we enjoy them so much and love our time together and we too are as close as ever. I still do suffer with depression but I no longer let it take over me and ruin my day! We are strong and can do this... don't ruin a good day thinking about a bad yesterday. 

If you could give one piece of advice to someone who could be reading this suffering in silence what would it be? 
Don't feel you're alone! No one is alone. Speak to a friend or family member you can trust or a complete stranger such as MIND.ORG Help line or speaking to your GP. Or you can make a self referral at TRENTPTS and be given help that way I cant recommended Trent PTS enough they were so helpful and such a friendly service. Just please remember it's Okay to not be okay

Xx Much Love Kayleigh xX 

You can find Kayleigh on Instagram HERE

Want to talk? 
Please feel free to email me, or find me on social media (all linked on my blog) and I will be more than happy to speak to you. Use the Hashtag #BISDTT to get the conversation started online!

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