Saturday, 1 July 2017

FFF : Quotes

Hey my beauties!  

Something a little different for Five Friday Favourites this week. I really want to focus on sticking to a schedule now, and I am currently in the process of updating my blog - creating a schedule and updating social media's, so please bare with me over the next few weeks. 

I always enjoyed the FFF segment on my blog, so I have brought it back! 

This week I am focusing on Quotes, which is something I am a huge lover of. My phone, Pinterest, Instagram and even Facebook are full of them!! I probably spend too much time, searching, reading and sharing them but the following five are some that I have really focused on lately. After the past few months, I have focused on optimistic quotes and self development.

"Don't Say Maybe If You Want To Say No"
This is so important. Learn to say "no" without explaining yourself. This is your life, your story, your novel. You need to take control. You may not be able to control the beginning or the past but you can focus on writing the middle and end. 

"Be Picky About Who You Keep Around You. Personalities, Words, and Traits Do Rub Off Naturally"

It is not a bad thing to be 'picky' when it comes to friends. Surrounding yourself with negativity will only multiply your own negative thoughts and feelings. Traits DO rub off on you, if you spend too much time around certain people or even entertain certain people and their thoughts then this will rub off on you. You only have one life, do you really want to spend it filled with negative attitudes?  

"The Relationship With Yourself Sets The Tone For Every Other Relationship You Have" 
This stems from the whole "love yourself first" quote, which I also love. You really do need to love yourself first, regardless of your past. Flaws and all as the queen herself Beyonce famously said.  This is what I would call an umbrella effect. You can interrupt this in so many ways, but for me personally .... Hating myself will only give off negative vibes - and I am not about that. Someone in an abusive relationship, whether that be romantically or not needs to accept that they deserve better, acceptance is not acceptable. If you wake up negative, surround yourself with negative people, attitudes and thought you will only become negative to other people, in turn attracting negative people and reactions. For christ sake, love yourself girl!   

"The Comeback Is Always Stronger Than The Setback" 
If you know me personally, you know this past year has been more than a struggle. I have hit some brick walls, tried my hardest to climb them and ended up more hurt that possibly imaginable. I have lost more than friends this year, but my come back is stronger than I could have ever wished. I am strong. I have learnt that it is okay to be not be okay, and if you need help you need to ask for it. People will judge you whatever you do or have done, but they do not have to live as you. It's what you do with your life that matters. You can knock me back, hit me down a million times and I will come back stronger a million and one times. 

"It Doesn't Matter What's Been Written In Your Story So Far, It's How You Fill Up The Rest Of The Pages That Counts" 
Continuing from the previous quote, this is your life. You cannot do things, accept things, and moan about it. Take control! Your time is limited, everyone has a dedicated time on this earth, do you really want to spend it in regret? People make mistakes. People change, and change can fucking hurt sometimes - but that's okay!! Don't live in regret, strive to succeed, change and motivate. Every year is a 365 page book, you may have had several books, chapters or paragraphs in which you were unhappy, you regret or wish you could change but instead on focusing on the past which cannot be change, edited or erased focused on the future. Write your story, and make it count. 

What are some of your favourite quotes? 
Have a beautiful weekend! 

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