Friday, 17 March 2017

Storage Secrets to Declutter Your Beauty Products * *

You never know when you’ll wish you’d kept something. We've all had the experience of instantly wanting something as soon as we get rid of it. The answer is to the dilemma is to keep everything.

Here are some storage ideas to help keep your beauty collection organised and to hand.

Storing at Home for Easy Access

There’s nothing worse than rummaging through a jumbled collection for a particular item. Keeping things organised makes finding items quicker. Organised storage is also pleasing to look at, and that's part of the pleasure in collecting.

  • Use tiered cake stands, or spice racks, to display and store tubes, bottles or small pots.
  •  Keep beauty pencils like lip and eye liners in a standard pencil case or tin. These are also useful for other long, slim items like mascaras, brushes or applicators
  •  Use a desk tidy to keep long-handled brushes in good condition and all in one place.
  •  Use drawer inserts in dressing table drawers to help separate out items. Purpose made ones work very well, but you can also use cutlery containers to good effect.
  • Stand larger palettes of makeup colours in letter racks so you can easily flip through them for the one you want.

Extend Your Collection with Self Storage

Self storage is a brilliant way of keeping a large beauty collection in good condition. The rooms are dark, which helps beauty products last longer as they won’t dry out so fast. Perfumes keep their freshness better when they're stored out of direct light. The natural oils in lotions or other products won't separate, so they won't spoil as fast. The spaces are also dry, so you won’t get any excess moisture inside powders, which can ruin the texture.

Unless your collection is very big, you won't need an entire storage room. Happily, there are also storage lockers to rent, and these are ideal. Storage terms run from one week, so you're not tied into a long contract.

When putting beauty products into storage, package small items together so they’re easy to find. Label everything so items are easy to find. Transparent storage tubs are ideal. Close all lids tightly to prevent spills or drying out. Nail polishes are especially vulnerable, so check on their condition now and then.

Storage Secrets for Holidays

Choosing what to take and what to leave behind for a holiday can be tough. Clever packing can make room for more of a selection, so you don't have to choose:

  • Don’t take full-sized bottles. If you decant into smaller containers, you can use the space to increase the variety.
  • You don’t need much for weekends away. Use small containers like contact lens holders for small quantities of foundation or moisturiser.
  • Use pillboxes to carry earrings or rings. You could slice samples off lipsticks so you can take a variety of colours without packing the whole swivel compact.

Making the most of space and keeping things organised can be a challenge with beauty products. But, with a bit of creative thinking, you can organise even the biggest collection so it's neat and kept in good condition.

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