Friday, 1 April 2016

FFF : Goodbye March

If you're new here, FFF is my Five Friday Favourites. 
A simple weekly post outlining 5 things I favorited the previous week. 

1). It's been Easter, so of course that means lots of chocolate! For most of us time off of work, and a bank holiday which means lots of fun! 
2). A complete fluke but I booked some Annual Leave, it happened to fall on Easter and Bank Holiday so I've spent some well needed me time and family quality time. The weekend was spent with friends and partying. It's been great! 

3). If you follow me on Twitter you would have seen a tweet about me wanting to go and see Beyonce on Tour, and if you know me personally then you would know that I adore Beyonce. Well I only went and bagged myself 2 tickets to her London show! Thanks to KISS FM - I'm completely stoked and cannot wait to go!! Roll on July!!! 

4). I am completely obsessed with Pretty Little Liars. Ever since my friends Shelbi and Chelsea introduced me to the program I haven't stopped watching. I'm super proud that I've not been watching for long and I've just hit series 6 and I'm halfway through! I've never in my entire life been so stuck on a TV Series before, I've never experienced so many bloody emotions either!! 

5). I've done a lot of thinking lately, and I've had the chance to contemplate a lot of things and I've been hit by the Realization bus, perhaps a little too hard but I guess everything happens for a reason - right? I know now that I need to continue, I don't need to look back anymore. I need to surround myself with positive energy and everything will be okay. 

What's something you love this week?

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