Friday, 8 April 2016

FFF: All Things Web

If you're new here, FFF is my Five Friday Favourites. 
A simple weekly post outlining 5 things I favorited the previous week. 

1). I've been loving Apple Music this week. It's £9.99 per month for an individual device or for a family membership (up to 6 devices) its only £14.99 per month. If you're new to it then you can sign up for 3 months free too - which is fab!!  It's great, jam packed with albums, new music and a radio function where you can listen to a genre or particular artist on a playlist. I've found it to be really easy to use, and its always being updated with new music! 

2). So I've finally finished Pretty Little Liars, and despite loving every single moment of it, I'm struggling to fill up my 'spare' time whilst in bed with something else. I've recently started watching Jane The Virgin, which is great! (nothing compared to PLL) but its definitely my new 'goto' when signing into Netflix! 

3). I've been addicted to Ebay this week also, I've always been a fan but I've been a little strap for cash just lately so I've had a spring clean and uploaded a tone of things to my Ebay shop. You can find my shop HERE. I've currently got some clothes and shoes up for sale! 

4). I've been using Twitter a lot more than usual this week, whether its been tweeting myself or going on a re-tweeting and liking spree! You can follow me HERE!! 

5). I'm not a huge fan of Facebook games, but I'm caught up on Kitchen Scramble right now. Again, I don't have much spare time but when I do find 5 minutes I find myself trying to complete a new level. I need a life, clearly!! 

What's something you love this week?

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