Friday, 8 April 2016

Coleen Rooney Makeup Brushes - Review

I purchased these at Christmas time, as a little treat. 
I was a little sceptical because I only really use Real Technique brushes. I have done since day dot, and I've found a huge love for the brand, so I've stuck but I wanted to widen my collection. 

I'd read a few reviews and figured I'd try them out. I believe I paid around £30.00 for my collection, but searching for them today it looks as though she's changed the collection and the eye-shadow sponge brush has been replaced with a brow groomer/spoolie brush as well as the foundation brush being replaced with an contour brush. 

It's not much of a difference, but the price has definitely decreased, it's now only £17.99 which if you ask me, for what you get is an absolute steal! 

So lets look at what you get .... 

The collection comes in a lovely box, and each brush is nicely displayed in their individual slots in this mould you get inside. I had already taken off the protective covers for photographic purposes but they are included.   

Blush Brush.
A great brush, although I found it doesn't pick up much product. It does cover a large surface though. 

Buffer Brush.
Personally I didn't really rate this brush, perhaps its because I'm used to a more dense brush. I mean, honestly it does the job. I just think it could be a little more packed. I've found it to make buffing a little harder than it needs to be. 

Foundation Brush. 
A great foundation brush, spreads the product evenly and smoothly.

Eyeshadow Brush. 
Personally I would say this is between an Eyeshadow Brush and a Blending Brush. It's a great brush but a little too fluffy. 

Sponge Eyeshadow Brush. 
This brush was irreverent to me, as I do not use them. I did try it out, and I guess it was better than I remember when back in school, when these brushes used to scrape your eyelid off (lol) 

Shading Eyebrow Brush.
This is most probably the most dense brush from the collection, I loved the application I received when using this brush to apply eyeshadow. It's probably my favourite from the collection. 

Angled Eyebrow Brush. 
I think I have a slight obsession for Eyebrow Brushes - I'm being series. I have a collection in themselves which is almost sickening! This beauty just adds to the wonderful collection. It provides great coverage and you can definitely build with this brush. 

Lip Brush. 
I do not tend to use Lip Brushes, but I've used this on my eye area, and as a concealer brush and its great, so I'm sure it would be good at its original job,also! 

The Case.
The collection is also displayed in the cute little travelers case. I believe the new collection has a leather case apposed to the fabric one, which I think is only better because it easily cleaned!! 

The Pros.
- The price, you definitely get a lot for your money!

- The design and packaging, referring back to the price you definitely get some luxury for such a small price tag!

- Quality, I feel like I'm relating to the price again but it's true! I honestly thought it would be so much less because of the price, but the amount of brushes you get and the quality is great.  I have since used these brushes and washed them and they've all come out perfectly! 

The Cons.
- The Eyebrow Sponge brush is pretty useless, who uses them anymore? Although like I've previously said it looks as though it has been replaced with the newer collection.

- The case, being material and not leather, which again they've changed with the newer collection!

All in all, you definitely get a great collection for the price you pay. They have clearly noticed the cons from this collection and since brought out a newer one and applied different techniques and made a few tweaks to make the collection flawless!! 

Well done Coleen. 
*round of applause* 

You can purchase them HERE 


  1. Great Collection and great deal. Everything looks fine and deal is also in budget. Thanks for sharing your review. I personally think to buy and searching for deals like yours.


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