Saturday, 26 March 2016

March Favorites

Hello my beauties! 

Finally, well over-due here are my March Favorites. 

Aussie, Miracle Hair Insurance
This is one of my all-time hair faves. It's lightweight and leaves your hair in fantastic condition! It smells delightful too, which is always a plus! 

I received this with a beauty box subscription, and again whilst trying my hardest to restore some health to my locks, I tried this out. It is beautiful!! I'm definitely going to repurchase.

I picked this up as an alternative to my regular dry shampoo, it was only £1 at my local superstore so I figured I would try it out and its great! Lightweight, which is the best when it comes to a dry shampoo, for the price you can't really go wrong! 

You could say I'm obsessed with anything MUA (Makeup Academy) I think that its fantastic value for money... can you believe this was only £2!? me neither. The coverage is good, and I cannot complain about the pigmentation!!  

HD Brows Palette - 
My one and only brow palette! The pigmentation, coverage and quality is amazing. This is the old palette, so since they've had 2 more. I've not tried them myself, but I'm sure the quality is the same, I also think they offer more variety in colours too. 

I love Rimmel lipsticks, wait - no. I love lipsticks. Regardless, I have many of the Kate Moss range but this is by far one of my faves. It's a lovely pink nude, with a shine. Its ability to reflect light is amazing. It's like diamonds on your lips! 

Ideal for the summer months, giving you that extra 'shimmer' I love this Bronzer! Even throughout the winter months I use a little on my cheek bones to add a sparkle. It's fantastic value for money. 


When I'm blonde I use this religiously. It is amazing!! I've not tried many lightening sprays but so I cannot compare it to anything else but for the price, it's certainly worth purchasing! I tend to use silver (purple) shampoo between washes and every time I wash my hair I spray a couple of spritz of this and it really does help balance the brassy tones. 

Sudocrem - 
Cheap & Cheerful! I use this weekly as my facial routine. A little speck of this directly on any spots overnight and the next morning you'll be right and rein! Failing that I use it all over my face to add extra moister when I'm suffering from breakouts and dry patches. 

I love anything Tea Tree related! The freshness you are left with after using this is amazing! There's no oily residue after use either, which I often find with facial washes. A fantastic deep cleanse with the fantastic effects of Tea Tree. 

Extremely thick and nourishing! I'm no scientist but I don't see how it could last 7 days, obviously you wash between (or at least I'd hope you did)  I can vouch for the fact it does last 24 hours though, and leaves your skin feeling soft and subtle. Although I do find it to be slightly oily so I wouldn't recommend to use it with or accordance with fake tanning.  

Surprisingly a great buy! I love a good bath with the high end products, a lush bath bomb  and bubbles galore but sometimes between fake tanning I love to use this. Not only does it leave your skin feeling baby soft (no pun intended) it does help with removing the patchy fake tan! Also cheap as chips, so its a win - win!! 

Argan Oil Hair Treatment
This was another quick buy, I've used Argan Oil previously but never thought much of it. I figured lately with the state my hair is in, I needed to try anything, everything and retry the old buys to try and restore some health! Used at the right quantity this is fantastic! Leaving your hair soft and shiny, but be careful not to use too much!! 

Anything Beyonce, I want it! I've got all of her perfumes but this is by far my fave. I've been repeat buying this since it was released in 2014. Not only is the bottle beautiful, the scent is amazing too. Picture everything amazing about floral scents, mixed together with potentially the scent of Beyonce her delightful self, bottle it in the most gorgeous bottle and you've found a bottle of Rise within your palms. 

Have you tried any of these products? 

What's something you'd recommend I tried this month?

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