Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Luxemme | Discount Code

I've recently come across Luxemme who are a brand new fashion brand. 
Not only are they stylish but they offer a wide range of fashionable clothing. 
The only down-side to them currently for myself is that they don't cater for the plus-size lady but regardless I know that all of my friends are going to love them, their collections and their price tag!! 

I've purchased a LBD number for a friend so come back to see our colab review on the dress and some photographs! 


"A forward thinking fashion brand combining Parisian chic with Manchester street style. Cool, clean cut and completely on trend, Luxemme sources the finest in affordable luxury fashion that fuses classic fashion trends with emerging en vogue, edgy looks.
Made in Manchester for the fashion conscious who like to fill their wardrobes with chic staple pieces for a sophisticated look, Luxemme is a brand that aims to be a pioneer in the fashion industry, delivering premium clothing with a realistic price tag."


"Luxemme takes its inspiration from classic French- Parisian fashion, as well as authentic Manchester street style, operating with the mantra that combining definitive looks with a modern twist is a stellar way to stay on trend.
French fashion is very much viewed as the underpinning of all look books, with clothes made to last and translate through many different time periods; Luxemme honours this ideology and works with creativity to develop original products that deliver in terms of both style and quality.
As a city, Manchester is home to some of the most fashion-forward and cosmopolitan trend followers in the UK; Luxemme keeps a keen eye on the people on the streets and injects their individuality into every single piece.
The people are our muse and the classics help us to realise our vision."

The lovelies over at Luxemme have given me a discount code for you beauties to use and abuse at your pleasure, you can find it below! 



Don't forget to use the discount code for 10% all orders over at

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