Saturday, 1 July 2017

Turkey, Marmaris

Hello my beauties!! 

This is totally over-due but I couldn't not tell you all about my recent holiday. 
Since Tenerife last year (which was my first ever holiday abroad) I made a promise to myself that every year I'd travel somewhere abroad. I honestly did not realise what I was missing, although the flying part isn't all its cracked up to be, I'm terrified of airports, taking off and landing and I suffer so badly with my ears popping, the general flight isn't an issue. 

So, back in October myself and Ashley (who also went to Tenerife with me) traveled last minute to Marmaris in Turkey where we endured the most amazing 5 star hotel, all inclusive holiday. 

We stayed at The Grand Pasa Hotel, which was okay, and I say okay lightly! The staff were so rude and we had a few issues with them, for a 5 star complex the attitude of the staff and the enthusiasm was awful. There wasn't really any entertainment and the food was exactly the same each day, and to top it off by the second day the maids were not even cleaning our rooms properly!! ... but despite this we met some amazing people from our hotel and potential friends for life!! The hotel itself looked beautiful, and to the eye was stunning. The comfort was acceptable and the cleanliness of the actual hotel was lovely. Personally I think they just disliked us (haha) 

If you've never been to Turkey before I highly recommend Bar Street for night life, we went there twice whilst we were there - both times ruined us!! We had such a laugh, drinks are rather expensive for what they are, and you're constantly nagged at to go into bars with hardly any drinks promotions, but we went with some wicked people and all had a laugh!! It's literally non-stop partying!! There were also random bars around our hotel, two which we visited daily. 

Whilst there we also went on a Boat Trip, which was so much fun. We stopped off several times and swam in the sea, which was an amazing experience. You feel so free, just in the middle of such a huge space!! It's something I'd defiantly recommend.  

We experience the famous Turkish Bath, alongside every other beauty treatment we could get our hands on, we actually got such a good deal!! 

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