Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Update: because, it's been some time!

Hello my beautiful people!! 

Firstly, sorry for being away for so long and sorry again for this lame excuse of a post which will only be a quick one! I've been so busy lately with work, and just recently we've had a new manager start, and been given every other weekend off instead of once a month which if you work in the care/health care sector you'd understand (its a dream!!) although at the same time means working a 7 or 9 day week to gain the weekend off but never the less I love it!! So I've actually had a bit of life - wowza!! 

So, I wanted to pop by and say I have a few projects in the pipeline for this month, several reviews and posts that I've joint up with a variety of companies as well as a few planned posts for you all to enjoy (or at least I hope!!) 

I'm just going to leave a tone of photographs below, and a small description as to what I've been up too over the past 6 weeks. 

I met up with my best friend and god-daughter and had a lunch date. Kay-Betsy has grown so much, she's walking now! You literally blink and they are their own little independent person!! 

I brought a pool because the weather has been amazing, and threw a pool party / BBQ which was amazing, although ended up with just 3 of us in the pool at 11pm drinking straight from the bottle of wine (11 bottles to be honest) lets just say I didn't wake the next day feel too fresh!! 

I finally received my certificated for my Level 3 in Health and Social Care, hard work really does pay off! I struggled so bad with working full time, and day to day life troubles but I completed the entire course in less than 5 months! Round of applause for me - please? 

So of course, with news like that I had to celebrate? This was when our every other weekend started so it was a double celebration, as well as the fact I had to work 5 weekends to get things swinging so myself and a few work mates headed to town, for a few drinkie-poos. 

A sad day for me, but my rock and spirit riser at work left for her maternity leave, she's also moved to Essex due to her partner's job, facing facts I won't see her every day, sucks!! We literally we're joint at the hip, but I arranged a whip round at work and brought her some lovely gifts and cards which she was totally chuffed with. Then on Saturday I had a few people from work round for some nibbles and drinks, which turned into a messy night because (minus her) headed to Maidstone with some work friends and we had a great time but I've been ill recently and on Saturday it come back to bite me on the ass, big time! 

I'm sorry they're not great because they we're alcohol influence and iphone/middle of club type of thing! 

I have finally got antibiotics for a bacterial infection and flu I'm suffering from, but still at work battling through!! no rest for the wicked. 

I guess they say to leave the best until last, which is what I've done .... I have booked a holiday!!! It was totally last minute and unplanned and to be fair has left us both in the pits money wise but myself and Ashley (who I went to Tenerife with last year) if you've followed my blog for that long you'll know who I am on about, booked a holiday to Turkey for October and I am super excited!! 

I hope you're all enjoying August and have a beautiful week. 

Please feel free to contact me or comment below for outfit information. 

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