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Your Problems Answered | Our Dilemmas

Have you ever been caught in a situation and not known who to turn too for advice? 
Have you ever needed a chat with someone but you're too worried about what they would say, even if they are a 'friend'? 
Ever wanted someone's advice other than a friend or family member so you don't get fobbed off with the whole legally obliged speeches every friend or family member tend to give, you know the ones ....
 "You're better than that"
"You're beautiful" 
"You do what you need to do"
"You don't need to change" 

If you answered yes to any of them questions above, or if it made you wonder then you're not alone! I think its fair to say we've all had at least one situation where we can relate to the above questions, and that is totally normal. 

I know especially when I was younger I felt as though I couldn't speak to certain people about certain things over fear of being judged.  I know now, even at the age of 21 there's certain things I know I'd rather speak to an outsider about because I'd want a honest answer and advice. It's all well and good having friends and family there to help and advise when needed, but I often find that they give you advice that they feel you want to hear rather than the truth. 

Our Dilemmas is a brand new website where you can post your dilemmas, questions and ask for advice anonymously - it's brilliant!! As well as asking you can give advice to other dilemmas anonymously too!! 

The OurDilemmas Ethos.

 There are lots of websites out there where you can post every detail of your life or others can post it for you to remain on view for eternity whether you like it or not! We wanted to provide people with something different. Somewhere you can go privately. To express your concerns, fears and opinions without anyone know who you are. So when you come to OurDilemmas there is no registration. We don't ask you as we don't want or need to know. What we do in order that our system can recognise that you have used the site is put a cookie on your PC, phone, or tablet computer. This is just so when you return to the site the system recognises the device and can provide you with updates to your posts. If you ever want to stop the system from recognising your device you just need to go to your device setting and delete the cookie.

What you and Others See.

OurDilemmas is not a forum. Anyone user will only see a subsection of what is happening on the site at any one time. This is so it is manageable within a mobile device and avoids overwhelming users with hundreds of posts. We don't store history, either questions or answers' once completed (currently set as 29 days from initial post) they are then deleted and gone forever.

You guys know me well enough to understand that I love giving advice! I feel I've gone through the pits, I've struggled and I've experienced the highs and anything I've learnt along the way I'm willing to share with others if it's going to help, so this website excites me - alot!! I've been busy and spent the past few hours on the website posting advice myself, and I've even posted a few dilemmas!! 

The website is split into the following categories


The website is also colour coded which is brilliant!! 
It's fun, bright and straight to the point. 
There are literally no catches! 
No sign up, no hidden fee's, no junk mail or spam!! 
It's almost too good to be true! 

Personally, the only down side would be the capped word count when giving advice. I often found myself trying to give the most in-depth and helpful advice but was cut off because of the word count, you can only post once per Dilemma too so you cannot even continue your message in more than one box.

Your account is personalized enough so that you can keep track of Dilemmas posted and Advice given, you also get given a rank! You also get notifications when your Dilemma gets advice, so you don't have to go searching through the site to see if anyone has commented. 

Below is my current view ...

Why not head over there now by clicking HERE and see if you can give someone else a bit of advice? Perhaps you are suffering from a Dilemma yourself and want some advice? 

You can follow them on the following social media links ... 

After all, a problem shared is a problem halved - right?

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