Thursday, 9 April 2015


If you follow me on social media then you'd be well aware that for the past few months I have been counting down to March 26th 2015!! I tried so hard to get tickets to see Usher on Tour this year, but they all sold out so I was devastated! I've always been a huge fan of he's and to see him live would have been amazing .... Until my friend told me she was selling her tickets because she had been given another set, which were better seated as gifts. 
I jumped at the chance and it was the best decision - ever!!

On Thursday my friend Jo, who I was going with come to my house around 17.00hrs and we set off for London. We made a few stops en route but we were really lucky because there was hardly any traffic and made it within 35 minutes, which is crazy quick!! We had the ultimate sing along en route also, courtesy of Spotify's shuffle setting we listened to a good few Usher songs and made sure our vocals were warmed up ready for the show! Although it was awfully brisk outside we caught the most beautiful sunset whilst driving to London.

I cannot explain to you all how amazing Usher was last night. I mean, I expected him to be good but just how good, was shocking. I recall only one 'break' if you will, he had a few costume changes which were minutes if that, long but the energy and dedication to each and every song was fantastic. I do not know he does it!! 

I had previously read online that Usher was being supported by Nico and Vinz and I didn't really think much of it. I'd heard one of their songs 'Am I Wrong' and I guess I liked it, but I wasn't too overwhelmed by this, I guess its just a nice added 'extra' when they have support acts! 

Well, they were just as amazing!! I loved every single song that they performed, their energy really got the crowd jumping prior to Usher coming out. I can only describe it as what I could imagine a Jamaican Club to be like (haha) I mean, the beat, the dance off's, everything was just so memorising!!  The arena wasn't even half full when they performed, I think its really selfish when people don't attend the support acts performance. I mean, they wouldn't be crap because Usher wouldn't be allowing them to tour with him - so have a little faith!!

The arena begun filling up once Nico and Vinz had nearly closed their slot but I really did enjoy their music and I have already downloaded their album!! 

I'd honestly recommend it to anyone who loves a good beat in a song, lyrics you can relate too and smooth listening all in one album. Some particular favourites of mine from their album are ... 
Runnin' | When The Day Comes | In Your Arms

You can download them or the entire Album HERE

Then, the time come where I could have fainted and dropped to my knees all at once. The crowd went insane as Usher teased us with a quick peer around the side doors, then running to the other side and doing the same. I think I was looking forward to this tour so much musically because he wasn't just performing one album. I love the fact he played something for everyone, no matter how old you were, you was promised to know at least one song from start to finish!! 

Usher performed the following ....
·       Euphoria
·       OMG
·       Love In This Club
·       You Make Me Wanna...
·       Lil Freak
·       Nice & Slow
·       U Remind Me
·       Twisted
·       Caught Up
·       She Came to Give it to You
·       Dot Com
·       Climax
·       Confessions (Interlude) / Confessions Part II
·       Body Language / Pop Ya Collar / U-Turn / I Need A Girl (Part One) / Lovers And Friends / New Flame
·       My Boo
·       I Don't Mind
·       Burn
·       There Goes My Baby
·       U Got It Bad
·       Superstar / Bad Girl
·       Good Kisser
·       U Don't Have to Call
·       Scream
·       DJ Got Us Fallin' in Love
·       Yeah!
·       More / Without You

I have uploaded a few videos of the evening to my YouTube channel, go and have a look! 

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