Sunday, 11 January 2015

Review: PicStick*

Hello my beautiful friends! 

I hope you all had an awesome Christmas and New Year, I know I did! I also know that my camera was well and truly out in force over the festive period. Leaving me with tones of photographs to share, store and display. 

Just before Christmas I was contacted by PicStick they are a company who transform your favourite pictures into beautiful photo magnets. 

It's so simple and easy to do! You simply go to their website HERE create an account, either via email address or your Facebook account! Upload your chosen photographs, crop - edit and all that fancy stuff if you please! 

You can upload your photographs from your computer, phone, facebook or dropbox! and they are printed as the most unique, beautiful glossy magnetic pictures! 

I purchased mine before Christmas and used them for little sentimental gifts, which is why I have doubles of certain photographs. They went down a storm! Everyone loved them, they are the perfect sentimental gift for the ones you love. They are ideal for Birthday and Christmas gifts as a set or do as I did and give them out separately. 

The quality of the prints also surprised me. I wasn't expecting amazing things to be honest, I thought the quality of the magnets wouldn't be that good either. I hadn't come across the company before and I had nothing to go on. I was surprised at how strong the magnets are, which sounds so silly but I have had plenty of magnets which just simply do not hold their own! These are super magnetic! The prints are clear and are not pixelated or distorted in the printing process which is fab!! I love the little border on the prints too, I think it makes them stand out a little more! 

They come as a printed pack, almost like one big collage ... so you have to manipulate them a little and peal them away from each other (this made me panic!!) but they come away so easily. I received no damage from this process which excited me!  Not only does this give you the chance or option to create a little picture board on your fridge or magnetic board but you can separate them and swap and change as you like! 

I think they are really reasonably priced which is a big deal for me. I can not stand over-priced items. You often find that personalized products and photo printing are increasingly costing more. 
You really can not argue with  £9.50 ($14.99) for a sheet of 9 prints!  
They ship world wide for FREE which is brilliant!! 

As always I look after my beautiful readers and I have a 25% discount code for you all! 
Just visit their website, select your photos and when you head to the checkout on the right hand side copy and paste the code BEAUTY25 into the Promo Code Box!  

I'd love to see your prints so make sure to tag me in your Instagram posts! or HASHTAG #BISDXXX

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