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MAGPIE DREAMZ Review & Give-away [CLOSED]

I recently brought some beautiful pieces of Jewellery from the beautiful Magpie Dreamz and I contacted the owner Sian who was more than happy to take part in a give-away and interview for you gorgeous readers! 

I purchased the following items.... 






The first thing I noticed about the delivery was the personalisation. On the outside of the parcel Sian adds a personal touch by hand writing the labels and drawing a cute little heart on the back of the seal. Inside the parcel was a cute and quirky cut out 'Magpie Dreamz' label, a mood ring colour chart and a little personalized note. 

The Jewellery itself come in gorgeous purple string bags. 

I was very surprised with the quality of the pieces I ordered and being a plus sized women I didn't expect the chokers to fit me, willingly knowing this I still purchased them and was shocked that they did! I had a little trouble with the Skeleton choker but I added a little link and it fitted perfectly, I openly told Sian this and she offered to alter the choker for me but I kindly declined because I could make do. My personal favourite pieces from my order are my Peace Choker, Moon Cresent Earrings and OM Bracelet. I haven't stopped wearing them and I am constantly getting compliments!! 


Following my order I got in touch with Sian and we had a chat about her Jewellery line, you can find the interview below! ... 

Hello Sian, so what inspired you to start up Magpie Dreamz?
Instagram! It’s full of inspiration, from other independent and small businesses to celebrities and fashion bloggers. It really is a special creation because you see something that you like and you either want it or you want to create something like it. I wanted to make my own little creation and there are so many inspiring small jewellery companies that use Instagram, it pushed me to start Magpie Dreamz.
What is the ethos of your business?
Making jewellery can be very therapeutic and it so nice when I see the process of jewellery materials turning into finished pieces that I can wear and sell. I love when I get a new piece of jewellery that I can jazz up an outfit with. I don’t wear jewellery for others; I wear it for myself because it makes me happy and gives me confidence. I literally feel naked if I don’t wear it. Jewellery makes me a very happy person (silly I know) and seeing other people wearing my jewellery just makes me even happier.
When picking pieces to sell or make, what do you look for?
Anything that is particularly quirky catches my eye, so I look for that when I buy my supplies and materials. Everyone knows me to be quirky so I can’t have my jewellery business not being quirky too. I also try to make my pieces different to normal costume jewellery you might find in the high street shops. Chokers are big in the fashion world at the moment, so obviously I’m going to have them in my store. I look at what people are buying and what is popular, as well as asking my friends what they would like to see more of in the shop.
Where do you see yourself and Magpie Dreamz in 5 years time?
I want to extend my jewellery making skills in the near future; I have already taken part in a 5 week silversmith course in which I learnt to manipulate and shape silver using blow torches and what not, I also learnt how to set stones and how to finish up pieces of jewellery ready for the shelf. This was so much fun but 5 weeks just isn’t enough there are so many different ways and styles you can make jewellery. So I am looking into learning more about silversmithing as the possibilities are endless.
I can then integrate my skills through Magpie Dreamz, pushing past the boundaries and having jewellery on the shelf that people will look at and say ‘that’s crazy, but I want it’. I am excited to see my little creation grow over the next few years, even if it’s just a small growth, it’s still an exciting project. 
Finally, What is your personal favourite piece you currently sell, why?
My favourite piece has to be the Double Teardrop Necklace with gunmetal chain! It’s elegant and simple but it goes with so many outfits. It really is a piece you can wear everyday with a plain t shirt or of an evening with a plunge neck dress or top. This has to be the most popular piece with my customers too. I am almost sold out but will get making more of these very soon. I don’t want to disappoint my customers!!

Now for the exciting bits! 
Myself and Sian have teamed up to give you a beautiful competition!! (Eeek) 
Even more exciting is the fact there is 3 prizes up for grabs! If that wasn't exciting enough I have decided to open to up to international blog readers, so wherever you are, you're able to enter (just remember its running on GMT time)  

1st Prize. 
- Double Teardrop Necklace 

2nd Prize. 
- Sweetheart Choker

3rd Prize. 
- Skeleton Choker

Image of Skeleton Choker

It's really simple, quick and easy to enter! 
You just have to fill out any of the options below in our Raffle copter. If you head over to my Instagram or Sians then you can earn yourself another entry! 
The Give-away will be running for a week and the winner will be contacted by myself. 


*this giveaway has had to be re-started due to problems with entries* 

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