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Blogmas Day 6 ; My Most Memorable Christmas.

Christmas is all about making memories, with the people you love the most.
The food, atmosphere, sweets, films, special episodes of your favorite television programs, quality time with family, friends and loved ones.

I think we all have that one Christmas that we always refer back to, remember for one reason or another or simply cannot forget (whether its for a good or bad reason!) 
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I'm going back to 2010, which to me was my most memorable Christmas for a number of reasons. This year was my first Christmas without my Nanny Babs, who was my Fathers Mother, and since we met she had come down pretty much every year at Christmas Time. 

Although the biggest and most prominent reason would be because it was possibly my last Christmas with my Grandad. He battled with Cancer for so many years, but we knew he's time was coming to an end. Looking back on the photographs you'd never in a million years guess that just 25 days later he passed away, so quickly and suddenly. 

You cannot tell the pain we experienced this Christmas, the struggle. We wanted everything to be so perfect, we were all stressed. Grandad wasn't silly, he would of been able to tell. 
He was really ill, so ended up going home early, he couldn't do anything alone so other family members had to leave too. He was really sick over Christmas. 

It was awful because we were trying to be positive, happy and making the most of these special times, but at the same time found it extremely hard to hold back the tears. We continued our traditional Christmas routine, ate lots (my mum is the best at Christmas Dinners and lunches!!) Played games and had a good old laugh. 


In general it was lovely. 
We had close family friends join us this Christmas.

The weather was awfully fitting for the first time in years because it snowed! and it snowed lots!! We got snowed in around about this time of the month! 
It was so much fun!! 

Do you have a Christmas which is particularly memorable for you?

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