Thursday, 4 December 2014

Blogmas Day 4 ; My Favorite Christmas Films.

Christmas isn't Christmas without a big mug of hot chocolate, a warm fire place, a room decorated in tones of Christmas themed items and of course a good old Christmas film on the television. It's a fantastic time to spend quality time with family in general but at Christmas it just feels necessary!! 

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This film stars my favorite actor (ever!!) Will Ferrell. From start to finish I am in fits of laughter, no matter how many times I have watched it. I pretty much know the lines word by word which adds to the effect *palms face* I honestly cannot accept its Christmas until Elf has been aired on television. I then abuse this fact and watch it a million times on DVD.

The Grinch. 

This film stars another fantastic actor, Jim Carrey! I just think everything about this film is brilliant! Definitely a Christmas staple! Another film I know plenty of the lines for, so there's never a dull moment when you sit down to watch this film!! 

Jack Frost.

I think this film is really sad. I'm an overly emotional person at the best of times (I cried from start to finish at this years Children In Need, (and yes I mean even when S Club 7 had a reunion!!) but there is something about the Christmas Spirit, missed family and this film that gets the tears flowing! 

Love Actually.

Honestly, who hasn't seen this?! I wouldn't cut it out of my yearly watch list but it definitely sneaks out every Christmas!! It's more of an adult film although rated a 15! It's the ultimate romantic comedy!! 

The Nativity.

Now I've not actually seen the first film, but I saw the second last year and just last month visited the cinema to view the third, they're hilarious! There is nothing better than a comedy in my eyes and when it incorporates Christmas, you are on to a winner!! They're the kind of films that follow on from each other, more of a series so I'd advise a cosy evening in front of the television and watching them all!! Don't do what I did and skip one - haha!!  

What are some of your favorite Christmas Films? 
Anything I should add to my collection? 

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  1. You know 'Love Actually' will end up being on ITV as per! I have always really loved the Home Alone movies :) xx


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