Monday, 15 December 2014

Blogmas Day 15 ; Last Minute Festive Food Treats

I recently visited my local TESCO store and picked up some bargain Christmas Food Kits. The following post will show you my step by step guide to making / decorating your very own. 
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The first thing I picked up was these Mini Gingerbread Men which were in the sale for £1.50 but prices may vary. I was a little disappointed in how 'mini' they actually were. I don't know why because they're true to size compared to the pictures on the packet but I expected say 5 normal sized Gingerbread Men when in fact you get lots of mini Gingerbread Men (hence the name of the product - duh!!) You can purchase this kit online HERE.

All you get with this kit is the Gingerbread men, so you will need to buy bits and bobs to decorate your men but this did not matter for me because in my Baking cupboard I had lots of bits I could use, which is what I did. The Gingerbread Men come in a foil packet, shown below. 

Firstly I laid out some of the Gingerbread Men onto a piece of kitchen roll. This is when you can sort through your purchase and eat the broken bits or headless Men (advantages and disadvantages haha) 

I used a Icing kit I also brought from Tesco which had 4 different tubes of icing inside. You can purchase this online HERE

I then used some of these chocolate balls to add some colour to the Gingerbread Men. These come with another Christmas Festive Food Treats Kit and I found them to be just about the right size, after previously trying bigger sweets like Smarties. 

- I started with the Brown Icing and filled in the eyes. 
- Then I used the white icing to fill the mouth and 2 button holes. 
- I then picked 2 of the chocolate balls to place on top of the icing as little buttons. 

This was really quick, easy and fun! If you are doing this with children or for a big group of people its really cost affective! Of course you can try out different options for decoration but I found this to be great! 

 The next thing I purchased was the Gingerbread House Kit. The Kit contains everything you need for a basic Gingerbread House including the ready built 'flat-pack' house, decorations and icing!! You can purchase this online HERE.

I have included a picture of the contents below ... 

It's super quick and easy because the house is ready made and comes in a 'flat-pack' form ready for you to stick together with the icing! 

They also include a easy guide base, which in affect helps hold the house together but also gives you a base to decorate and enables you to move your house easily! 

I have only included photographs of the house put together but not decorated because I wanted to save them for a later post regarding my Gingerbread House Challenge, so make sure you come back to see my final design! 

Tesco offered a good range of Festive Food Kits and I have purchased several so expect a few more food related posts this Blogmas! I think for what you get and what they offer and the prices that they were was fantastic! 

Have you tried any festive treats? 
I have seen loads on Pinterest that I want to try out, have you found anything you want to try making this year? 

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*This post is in no way endorsed or in accordance with Tesco. I purchased everything myself at full sale price* 

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