Saturday, 13 December 2014

Blogmas Day 13 ; Christmas Celebrations at Work.

So last week the Christmas Celebrations begun at work! 
We had our overly early Christmas Party and it was fun to say the least!! 

 photo ShannonSnowglobe_zps0msniwmb.gif
The majority of us has work prior and work the next day so we had planned to have a nice meal and a few drinks before heading home, little did we know that this would not be the case! We did start with a nice meal, we had ordered prior to the occasion but it all become a little confusing because we couldn't remember what exactly we had ordered. 

We then handed out our Secret Santa gifts, a personal favorite was the gift Joanna received, which was a Goat Sex Doll. I think the photograph below proves how happy she was with little Larry the Lamb! 

Turns out we have some dancers within our group! 

Several drinks later we all loved the camera a little too much (other than Daniel) 

Oh, here's Larry the Lamb again!! 

This is when the night went tits up! I ended up at home, with Larry the Lamb and then received a phone call inviting me to an 'After Party' back at one of the lads houses. I didn't take much persuading and I got into my Onesie and left to head to Dan and Zacs! 

When I got to Dan and Zac's house we all continued drinking and playing ridiculous drinking games until around 5am. 

Shortly after myself and Deva decieded to head home. I didn't get in until 7am and then had to be up for a late shift at work. Complete nightmare!! It was funny heading to work when everyone else had been out the night before, we were sharing flash backs and laughing continuously! 

What did you do for your Christmas Party / What are your plans? 

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