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Review: Lapland Mailroom & GIVEAWAY! *

I have never in my entire life been so excited to review a product before. When the lovely Nicola contacted me from Lapland Mail-room I felt like a child on Christmas Eve, myself! 
If you know me well enough (or creep my Twitter every now and then) you'll be sure to know I am the happiest person around this time of year! 
I literally wish it could be Christmas every day!! (no pun intended!! I swear) I don't know what it is exactly (erm, every single thing!!!!) I just love the music, the atmosphere, the fact its a time for family and friends, giving and receiving, I love to see the kids faces smiling and everyone is generally so much happier around Christmas (and the minor fact its an excuse to get drunk daily - haha) 
I don't have the privilege of sharing my Christmas with my children yet (because there isn't any, I've not lost them or anything) but I do have 3 gorgeous cousins who I treat pretty much as siblings! So when Nicola approached me about this opportunity I jumped at the chance for the sake of the kids! 

So firstly, lets inspect the envelope itself (excuse the damaged corners - that was my own fault!) the general feel you get from the envelop is excitement! there is the amazing 'From Santa' stamp witch authentic stamping which makes everything a little more 'real'  you also have the stamp at the bottom of the envelope and the red boarder around the envelope. Everything is just so detailed. It's like nothing you'd find in your local shop, its straight away shouts "Importance!!'' and not the dreaded 'Over-due Bill' type *giggles*  
For privacy reasons I have covered the little windows on the envelope with my business cards, but behind it states .... 

- Child's Name
- Child's Address 

You can see this a little better here (again, the address is hidden for privacy reasons)

Now, opening the letter and I was struck by tones of surprises! The website gives you a great feeling for what you're ordering but I guess until you have it in front of your own eyes, personalized and true its a little hard to believe! 

Each letter is personalized to fit your needs. They're signed form Santa or Father Christmas (again, what ever you want) They are printed on high quality bespoke Christmas paper and contain many personal references that enhances the excitement of Christmas for your child! Lapland Mailroom also offer the choice of 4 beautifully written letters from Santa Claus, written and worded slightly differently for those with multiple orders, ensuring that each child receive a slightly different letter.

 As well as the 4 different letters they have 3 different packages to offer you. 

Mail Package 1
This package is the simplistic package, offering you just the personalized letter. Although for a limited time only they are offering a FREE Nice Child Certificate which is worth £2.95! 

Mail Package 2
This is a fantastic offer! You receive not only your personalized letter but an activity pack also. The activity pack is fantastic, filled with different pictures to colour in, pre-made cards to colour-in, cut outs etc. The ideal activity for Christmas Eve, maybe? Also with this package for a limited time only they are offering a FREE Nice Child Certificate which is worth £2.95! 

Mail Package 3
This package is potentially my favorite! This is ideal for all of them gorgeous babies! A beautifully personalized keep-sake for any child's first Christmas. Also with this package for a limited time only they are offering a FREE Nice Child Certificate which is worth £2.95! 

You can view the individual letters on their website, they also provide a close up option so you can actually read what you're buying! 

 The Activity Pack Contents ...

I honestly can not recommend Lapland Mailroom enough to everyone this year, and the years to follow. I shall most certainly be using them next year. For the sake of a £7.95 max to give a little person in your life the biggest smile, its totally worth it! There is not one single fault that I can pick up on for the entire experience! From using their website, choosing my options, ordering, paying (they are Paypal verified), delivery and even contact with the customer care team. Everything has been smooth, well created, presented and delivered. 

You can check their postal dates HERE to ensure you order in time for the big day! 

You can bite the bullet and head over to their website now to order your letter, by clicking the following link > > >

You can use the following discount code for 10% off your order too!
(I'm too good to you guys!!)

You can follow their progress and updates via their social networking sites 

Now for the exciting bit!!!
The lovely guys over at Lapland Mailroom have offered me 

X1 Free Personalized Letter 
for one of my beautiful readers! 

The competition is open WORLD WIDE so please do not hesitate to enter! 

So if you'd like the chance to win then simply enter the Raffle-copter competition below! 
Good-luck and Merry Christmas! 
*gets even more excited* 

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*All photographs in this post have been taken by myself and owned by myself. 
Please contact me before using them elsewhere* 


  1. Would give to my son who would love this thanks :-)

  2. My daughter

  3. I would give it to a friend as it will be her little girls first christmas! x


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