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NUDE Jewellery Christmas Picks*

I've recently come across NUDE Jewellery. They were established in 2001 and they're an independent London Jewellers based in the heart of Mayfair (oh la la) They pride themselves on stocking handmade designer jewellery by leading local, national and international designers. They aim to bring the best of award-winning British designer jewellers and take the time to seek out hard-to-find or up-and-coming jewellers from around the globe.

As Christmas is literally just around the corner! (a month today and all the fun and excitement will be coming to a swift end) I thought I would share with you 6 of my favorite pieces from their gorgeous website. Now I'm normally fussy when it comes to Jewellers websites because they only seem to cater to a small group of people, you've either got to have really dainty (everything!!) rob a bank or win a small million or its complete rubbish. NUDE Jewellery honestly have something for everyone. It doesn't matter your budget or style, they'll more than likely cater for your needs. Just from browsing I have fallen in love with so many pieces! 

Black Onyx Silver Multi Drop Earrings.

Black Onyx Treasure - Unusual onyx earrings set in silver.
20 small silver set, black onyx gemstones are used to create these unusual multi-drop earrings. They are surprisingly light and each gemstone is attached separately to a central chain, allowing them to move freely.
- - - - - - - - 
Onyx size 5 x 7mm
Total drop 62mm

These are beautiful!! Elegant but not too dainty! I'd personally keep them for special occasions but I guess with the right outfit they could be used as a daily earring. I love how unique they are, and I really rate black and silver jewellery. 

Silver Daisy Earrings.

Gold Plated silver detailed daisy earrings,
handmade jewellery by designer Andrew O'Dell
These sterling silver daisy earrings feature a beautifully polished gold-plated back. The daisy has a light enamel on the front which enriches the piece and brings out the detail of the flower. A perfect pair of earrings to brighten up your day with a dazzle of gold
- - - - - - - - 
16mm flower diameter
4mm depth of flower

These are the perfect gift for a friend / partner. They're so cute! I remember having something similar years back but the quality was awful and they didn't wear well. These are the perfect size and the quality is amazing. These are to versatile depending on the occasion. They're not too much to wear day-to-day which is what I would go for yet their different enough to dress up that special night wear outfit. These would make a perfect Christmas gift this year!! 


Silver Surfer

These cufflinks are a stylish design to any man's wardrobe.  Small silver cufflinks with double line detail on one end. 
Not over the top just 100% style.
Handmade here at Nude in our London workshop by designer/jeweller Nikki Galloway
- - - - - - - - 
Size 10 x 16mm

Cufflinks? I know what you're thinking guys! Don't panic (haha) but on a serious note I have so many men in my family to buy for this year. Why are men always the hardest to buy for too? I mean come on!! These are perfect sentimental gift for your partner or family member, even a close friend. They're designer, simple, and the finish on them is so unusual. 

Blue Topaz and Diamond Ring.

Blue topaz and 18ct white gold ring with diamond detail ring
An 18ct white gold ring featuring an unusual blue topaz which has four almost petal shapes within the setting. This sky blue topaz is surrounded by small dazzling diamonds that cover the setting and onto the link design of the band. This ring is ornate and modern with a timeless design.
- - - - - - - - 
Ring size M 1/2 leading edge
Stone size 9.8mm
Band width 1.9mm
Topaz 6.51 carat, diamonds .18, colour G/H, quality SI

I have to take a moment to compose myself. I think I'm in love. OK. I am in love!!! I need this ring in my life. In all honesty it would be the most expensive piece of jewellery I have ever owned, but wow. Just wow. I'm struggling to put my love for this ring into words. Everything about it is perfect. How elegant, unique and unusual is this beautiful thing! You would surely stop some crowds with that bad-boy on your finger! The colour is eye popping. As for the diamonds, they're truly flawless. 

Vesper Full Swing Silver Necklace Bracelet.

Fringed Detailing - An unusual and sophisticated silver necklace by jewellery designer Cara Tonkin.
A bracelet that converts into a necklace and vice versa?  This versatile piece does exactly that and moving between the two items is an effortless transition with the addition of a detachable chain.
Made from sterling silver, tassel's of oxidised silver fan out of this bracelet/necklace reminiscent of the fringing detail of a 1920's flapper style dress. 
This is a show stopping item with plenty of movement and volume.
- - - - - - - - 
Tassel length 35mm (approx)
Bracelet total length 8.2cm
When worn as a necklace length is 18"

Now I rarely wear necklaces, purely because of my chunky neck but I love this. Not only is it really unusual but its versatile! It's a necklace and bracelet!! How cool. The basic black and silver colour scheme keeps it really simple but the sizing and design enables it to become something  unique. I think this would lay so beautifully on your neckline. Teamed with a scoop drop dress/top and you are ready to go! This would make someone very happy this Christmas (including myself!!) 


Handmade sterling silver bracelet with chain maille pattern
Handmade sterling silver bracelet featuring little links of joy that cluster into intricate patterns onto your arm, tactile when worn they are the perfect piece to brighten up your day. The free flowing movement against the highly polished surface catches the light and dazzles any onlooker.
- - - - - - - - 
7mm width

Finally, and by no means the least loved is this beautifully, handmade silver bracelet. I've included a close up photograph because I don't think that even does it justice! It's so unusual but beautiful at the same time. This is going on my wishlist this year. I love bracelets and something like this is really special.  

I highly recommend you have a look at their website. 
You can browse and shop by clicking HERE

Out of my 6 picks what would you choose? 

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    1. Aren't they just!! I'm totally in love!! X

  2. Aww you picked the vesper - that's one of my all time favourite jewellery collections!


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