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Lammily Doll - Body Confidence.

I recently stumbled across this Buzz Feed post about this new Lammily Doll you can find this post here, but after reading this post I done a little more research. 
I'm shocked that no one has thought about this prior to Nickolay Lamm (the founder) 

Nickolay an illustrator, compared the average barbie images to the proportion of a 'normal' woman (average 19 year old american teenager) he said 
"I created 'normal' barbie because I wanted to show average is beautiful"

The picture below shows the difference between a Barbie Doll (left) 
and a Lammily Doll (right) 

Going back to the fact I was shocked this hasn't been done prior, I mean its sounds so simple - right? I was even more shocked when I come across a YouTube video showing a group of children and their reaction to the new Lammily Doll and when asked a series of questions relating to comparing the Lammily Doll to Barbies. 
You can view this video below.  

Comments left me literally gobsmacked 
"She's not like other dolls I play with, she's unique" 
"She's like a real person" 
"She looks like she's just a regular girl, going to school" 
.... this surely is what we should be promoting children to play with?!  

It also become evident how effective the Lammily Doll is when the children were asked to explain what the career aspects were for the Barbie and then the Lammily Doll. 
The Lammily Doll had an over-all higher success, the kind of job that you'd find realistic and higher achieving, should I say for example "Computer Job" "Teacher" "Swimmer" and "Pilot"  !!! Where as the Barbie had a outstanding response of "Model" "Makeup Artist" "Fashion Store" and most surprisingly "No Job At All"  
... now if that's not concerning then I don't know what is to be honest with you. 

When asked "What One Most Seems Like You?"  all of the children choose the Lammily Doll and gave their reasons from "The Shape" "Separate Toes" "Because My Arms Aren't That Skinny" and because the Barbie had "Invisible High Heels"  when she stood alone. 

I think the comment that stood out to me the most was from the young boy he pointed to the Barbie and made the following comment "This One's All Fashion-y And She Think's She's All Better Than Everyone Else" now what does that say about what we are portraying to children? I think it's disgusting! 

Over-all the children showed great interest in the Lammily Doll ending on "She Has A Smile On Her Face, She Looks Like She Would Help Somebody If They Got Hurt" 

This entire discovery has really made me rather mad at our generation. When I was younger, I played with Barbie Dolls. I enjoyed so, to my knowledge. I had tones, all different clothes and extras. I had a huge dolls house and would happily play with my Barbies for hours. I never had the chance to play with different Dolls, and I can't help but think that if my generation had that chance they may have grown up into a little less judgmental people. 

The amount of comments I have had thrown at me regarding my weight, throughout school especially was awful. I would feel tense and uncomfortable at lunch times eating with my friends because of my weight. I would hate eating infront of people, and still to this day I find it a little uncomfortable. I dread nothing more than going out for food with friends, I would much rather go through a drive through and hide out in the car or back at home and eat rather than inside a restaurant for the fear of people looking at me. Even friends, I know they don't judge me but I constantly feel like I am being judged, started at and sniggered for being fat and eating!! Which is ludicrous - right? 

Now, before I get tones of hate for 'promoting obesity' that is not what I am doing here. I'm not saying make all children toys fat or chubby and everyone will be skinny - because that's a load of shit! (excuse my language) So don't assume that in any way, shape or form but I can't help but think that if children feel a little more relaxed about their appearance then they could enjoy childhood a little more. We wouldn't be faced with so many eating disorders and our society both so judgmental and sour mouthed. 

Lammily Doll's also have an accessory pack you can purchase which include stickers for stretch marks, birth marks, scratches, scares, freckles and cellulite. I love this idea! I think its brilliant, this will totally remove the taboo subject around things like stretch marks. I remember having conversations with my girlfriends in the school toilets about how worried we were that we had a few stretch marks on our breasts, bums or thighs because you were always taught that you got them when you was a mature women, after children etc. We never had puberty explained to the extent like that, so of course we felt abnormal! When we shouldn't had! 

I just feel so passionate about body confidence and I honestly do not feel that a genetic Barbie Doll does anything for the youth of today! 

Would you buy your children / younger members of your family a Lammily Doll or are you happy with the original Barbies? 

I'd love to hear your thoughts and feelings on this subject, feel free to comment below and get a discussion flowing! 

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