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Top Picks | Boohoo Plus Size Range

Hello my beautiful pickles!! 
I hope you're all having a great week! 

I've been searching online for a new outfit as this weekend because I am heading out to have a few cocktails (and shots!!) and I come across Boohoo's new range of Plus Size Clothing *totally shocked* 

I have always been so jealous of all the beautiful dresses on Boohoo's website (and the prices) but knowing they only go up to a size 16 made me sad! 

The new range is beautiful to say the least! Best yet, they now go up to a UK size 24
So I've decided to share with you my top 5 picks from the new range! 
Then once I have purchased a few, tried them on and chosen what I want to keep I will do you a OOTD post to go alongside this! 

I'd like to point out that this post is in no way sponsored, I simply wanted to share my views on this gorgeous range.  

In no particular order, here goes ... 


Sizes 16 - 24 

This open shoulder dress is gorgeous! It's made from a soft touch jersey fabric, which is fantastic to glide off of your lumps and bumps, the delicate round neck I find draws the attention else where, so if like me you've got a chunky neck / double chins its not so harsh around your face. The shoulder cut outs adds a edge to the dress and the fact the dress doesnt have no zips or fastenings always gives me a little more confidence in the comfort of the attire. 


Sizes 16 - 24 

Another dress with a gorgeous pattern! Now, I'm always a little wary when it comes to big brave patterned clothing items, because self confidence issues mean that sometimes I feel like everyone is looking at me anyway, so why would I openly choose to draw more attention to myself? but when its done correctly I think you can truly look amazing! This dress is a prime example of this. I think being a batwing dress it provides that extra bit of comfort and the elasticated waistband helps to pinch in at your less frumpy parts and glides off your hips, which is great if you have big hips like myself! 


Sizes 16 - 22 

This pick is an oversized t-shirt. Which are staples in my wardrobe. This is the ideal top which you could dress up and dress down. Personally I'd pair it with a pair of plain black leggings or a nice pair of jeans. The vertical stripes are flattering unlike horizontal stripes on a bigger body shape. I also find that this would draw the attention away from any stomach or hip problems you might have! A really basic top but gorgeous never the less. 


Sizes 16 - 22 

This Kimono comes in 2 different styles but the pink floral is my favourite. Again, this is something that can be used to dress up or down an outfit. Shown in the photograph below is rather casual, but adds that pop of colour without being too overbearing. To dress this up I would team it with a beautiful and simple black bodycon dress and heels. This is why I love Kimono's because they have the magic to cover up them lumps and bumps without making you look like you've collected your Nan's wool collection and knitted them together. 


Sizes 18 - 22 

This Swing dress is probably my secret favorite! I remember my friend purchasing a dress very similar and I was gutted that I couldn't find one remotely similar in my size.  So I was over joyed to say the least when I spotted this on their website! I'm a huge fan on swing dresses because they hide everything! The pattern on this dress is gorgeous and a perfect summer steal for just £14. I'd even say it was acceptable during winter months if paired with some cosy tights and maybe some flats. 

What do you think of this range? 
Have you purchased anything from Boohoo's Plus Size Range? 

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*all photographs have been taken from Boohoo's website and do not belong to me*

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