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Review: Panda Drinks*

I was contacted by the lovely people at Panda Drinks and asked to review their new drink selection. These items were sent to me directly, and I did not purchase them. As like all of my reviews, the following blog post is completely un-biased and my own opinions and views. 

Luckily, these drinks arrived when I had my cousins visiting, so I decided to get their view on the product too, seeing as their age group was more fitting. 

Now, being 20 years old I never imagine reviewing a product like this and wanting to actually purchase the item after, for myself! I can hold my hands up and say I am very impressed. 

The selection I was sent consisted of the following 
  1. Panda - Blackcurrant Still Juice Drink 
  2. Panda - Raspberry Still Juice Drink 
  3. Panda - Splash Orange & Pineapple Still Flavoured Water
  4. Panda - Splash Blackcurrant Still Flavoured Water 
But the entire collection currently consists of the following 
  1. Blackcurrant Still Juice Drink 
  2. Raspberry Still Juice Drink 
  3. Orange & Pineapple Still Flavoured Water
  4. Blackcurrant Still Flavoured Water
  5. Apple, Blackcurrant & Raspberry Juice Drink Squash 
  6. Orange & Passionfruit Juice Drink Squash


Personally my favourite was the still flavoured water. I found them to be more refreshing than the Juice Drinks, and a little less sweet. Although I think my cousins found the colouring of the Juices a little more appealing. 

 My cousins really enjoyed the drinks, and have since asked to have them for their lunch box drinks. I think they're great to just have in the house too, incase you have little visitors! I also think for myself they are great and just the right size to pop into my bag to take to work with me! They're really tasty and refreshing and don't take up a load of space either which is great! Although the design is kid friendly, I don't feel like I would look out of place drinking them, which is fantastic! 

The packaging was great also, I can not stand plain and boring product packaging. I think that's where a lot of companies go wrong, these were simple and straight to the point - yet had a burst of colour so they were not boring. 
I also like the 'Splash' they have added to the flavoured water. It makes it a little more exciting rather than adding something like 'Water' which I think could put a lot of little ones off! Another great pointer was the fact the bottles had Sports Caps, which my cousins found really easy to use, and re-seal. This also prevents spillages! 

I think the biggest 'plus' for me was to see something aimed at children, but suitable for adults too, but most importantly a product that contains no added sugar, artificial colours or flavours and are made with only natural fruit flavours! 

 I think these drinks are a fantastic way to keep your children hydrated. You're not giving them a bottle filled with boring, plain water to drink. You're giving them a characterized bottle with a refreshing drink inside, which has none of the 'bad stuff' but tastes just as great! 

No Added Sugar 
Natural Flavours 
Natural Colours 

I noticed on their website that TESCO currently stock these drinks, so I took it apon myself to have a browse on TESCO Groceries and to my disappointment they currently only have 3 different options online, but it may be different in store. 

I was also expecting a shock at the price when I have a browse, but I was surprised that for a packet of 6 X 250ml drinks (what I got supplied) its only £1.99 and for 1ltr bottle of the squash it's only 0.99p!! That's cheaper than other popular brands. 

I also found that ASDA (£1)  and Ocado (£1.99) stock the 250ml bottles, so financially ASDA is priced the best but I think for 6 bottles £1.99 isn't bad! 

Overall, I would highly recommend these drinks to any parents looking to provide your children with something a little different and healthier in their lunch boxes, or purely for yourself if like me you're not a huge fan of plain water.  

Contact Panda. 

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  1. These look fun! I really like flavored water as I find plain water so boring! I'mnot sure if you also have vitamin water but that's what I like!

    Would love if you check out my blog! Just followed you on twitter and instagram :)
    Raincouver Beauty


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