Friday, 31 October 2014

Halloween Costume

Happy Halloween! 

If you know me personally you'll understand my obsession with Fancy Dress! If there is a chance to dress up then I am lapping this chance up! So for me, Halloween is fantastic - haha. Besides the dressing up, Halloween is my second favorite time of the year (Christmas winning by miles though)  I'm not the type to be the 'Cute Cat' or 'Nurse' that's just splatted a little blood about the place, oh no! I will go all out! We usually deck out the house and garden as-well, all the estate love it! I honestly can not describe my love for Fancy Dress! So this year wasn't going to be any different, even if I was working!

Previous years I have gone as a Cat, Witch, Monster, Mummy, Dead School Girl, Zombie and this year I choose a Dead Doll. 

I helped organised a party at work this year for Halloween, and luckily it was my day off so I had time to prepare before hand. I ended up doing over time just because I love Halloween that much! 

I posted some pictures on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and everyone asked how I done my makeup so I've re-done the main part and done a step by step guide for anyone who wanted some help from this weekend! 

Firstly I made some latex skin previously (if you'd like to know how I made this then by all means, just ask and I will get that post up!) which I attached to my face/hand first. I then applied a white face paint all over my face and concealed this with a really light powder I had in the back of my makeup collection. 

I then applied black eye shadow around one of my eyes and blended it out, I continued adding more shadow to build up on the pigment and continued blending out. You can achieve the same look with purples, blues and reds if you wanted bruising. I then went on to apply a thicker layer of face paint around my other eye to create a dropped eye affect insuring I covered my lashes. I then applied liquid liner to act as my lower lid and applied a fake eyelash along that line upside down. 

This is when I started creating my mouth. 

- Cotton Buds (to tidy up and mess)
- Black Liquid Liner
- Black Pencil/Crayon Liner
- White Facepaint
- White Eyeliner/Lipliner
- Your Choice of Lipstick

So firstly I applied the face-paint to my bottom lip, you can use lip liner if you'd rather, but I used that later on. This will act as your top line of teeth. 

Secondly, I outlined the blacked out box which acts as the inside of your mouth. You will need to mess around with the sizing of this, depending on how big/small you'd like it and the size of your chin!! 

When I was happy with this, I started colouring it in. With the black crayon eye liner I had. This is where you might want to use the cotton buds to clear up any mess or make your lines smoother. 

Then you need to add more white face paint the the lower part of your chin to act as your bottom line of teeth. Again you can tidy this up with cotton buds. 

Then using a liquid liner I started drawing in my 'teeth' this can be tricky but after some practice you'll get there. 

Finally add your chosen lipstick to your top lip and the very lowest part of your chin! I think its more effective depending on the size of the overall mouth you've gone for that you make your top lip more enhanced. 
I also lined everything up with the black eyeliner I used to colour in the centre of my mouth, and some more cotton buds to tidy the mess up - voila!! 

What are your plans for this Halloween? 
Are you hosting a party or heading to town? 
Feel free to share your Halloween pictures with me and let me know if you give this a try!

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