Sunday, 1 June 2014

OOTD: Summer's Approaching ...

Hello my beauties! 
Today the weather has been delicious! I'm so excited for Summer 2014 and all the exciting adventures that approaching, typically a little too excited! So today I dug out an old playsuit and some popping colours and have spent the day in the sunshine with family! 

Floral Playsuit 

This is possibly the most daring item I have ever purchased! Do I regret it? No way! It's amazing. 
I've always found it really hard pulling bright colours off, as well as playsuits and jumpsuits not only because of my weight but my height too. This playsuit is brilliant though, there's slight elastic around the shoulders, giving that extra 'give' it buttons up directly through the front and isn't too short! The detail print is Devine, it features Red, Yellow, Green and a couple of shades of Blue. I originally brought this a few years back for a festival, although I don't recommend wearing this if you're going to be in direct sun for long periods of time because the tan lines are almost illegal! (speaking from experience here) but other than that its almost perfect! 
I often find the all in one outfits make my overly large hips look terrible, but I feel comfortable in this and thats all that matters - right? I brought this from Asos Curve for around £15 but its no longer available, or at least I cannot find it. 
Despite that, there's tones of delicious Playsuits and Jumpsuits available online at the moment.  
It's worth having a browse!  

White Cami 

Featured in my previous post Job Interview Attire this is the white version. I wore this to conceal some cleavage,   I brought this for my holiday, they come in a multi-pack of 2 (black and white) from Fashion World and they were £12. 

Red Pumps. 

These shoes are the most comfortable shoes I own, seriously! I brought these for my holiday and lived in them, they are red but they offer a huge range of colours. They have a cute woven like soul, which is just as display for the outside of the shoe, the soul of the shoe inside is so soft, its literally like walking on clouds! The front of the shoe has elastic either side which gives you the extra 'give' these are true to size but after wearing they seem to be a little on the big side. Purchased from Primark for a tiny £4!!  

 Red Satchel

This is such a cute little satchel! And when I say little, I lie. It's surprisingly spacious!! The satchel comes with a long thick handle, which I choose to hide inside the bag on this occasion. I think the cute little gold buckle and brown rim really adds some individuality to the bag. I'm not sure where it was from as it was a Birthday Present and there's no tag, but I've seen loads around, most high-street stores stock them and they come in at around £20 or less depending on what you're looking for. 


 These were another holiday purchase! Just a staple item in my accessory collection. Surprisingly good at blocking out the sun too! These were brought from Primark for a super duper cheap £1!!!  

I hope you enjoyed this OOTD! 
What did you do today? 
I hope this weather picks up and continues! 

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  1. You look so gorgeous Shannon! What a beautiful playsuit... I love how colourful it is xxx

    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. Thank you beautiful! It's such a crazy outfit for me, I tend to stick to blacks and whites but I do love it I must admit!! xxxx

  2. This is such a beautiful print, you look lovely xx



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