Sunday, 25 May 2014

The British Soap Awards 2014

Hello my beauties! 
So I've just sat down to watch The British Soap Awards 2014 with my lovely Mother and figured I would live tweet throughout the entire show and then blog about who I voted for, who won what and some of my personal views. 

The Best Single Soap Episode.

My Vote | Hayley's Death
The Winner | Hayley's Death

I'm over the moon that this won the award, its something so close to my heart after loosing my Granddad to Cancer and I think the entire story line was played to perfection. 

Most Spectacular Scene.

My Vote | Emmerdale
The Winner | Emmerdale 

Again, this also got my vote and I'm so glad they won! The Woolpack Flood and Siege was an amazing story-line and literally had me on the edge of my seat from start to finish. Truly deserved by the team! 

Best Newcomer.

My Vote | Charlie Clapham 
The Winner | Maddy Hill

My love for Charlie took over when voting here, he is an amazing Actor though and has had some intense scenes since joining but well deserved Maddy! I think they have the potential to pull some amazing story lines off with the Epilepsy story-line.

Villian Of The Year. 

My Vote | Charlie Brooks
The Winner | Anna Passey

This was a tough one! I was torn between Charlie Brooks and Anna Passey but I ended up voting for Charlie Brooks. Both of these ladies had amazing story-lines but was well deserved by Anna, she was right what she said in her speech about playing such a crazy character! I can't wait to see what other story-lines this year has involved for Sienna.

Sexiest Female.

My Vote |  Michelle Keagon 
The Winner | Michelle Keagon 

There are literally no words for this woman! She is beautiful, and I think we all knew she'd win this ... again. 7th year running, good on you girl! 

Best Comedy Performance.

My Vote |  Dan Tetsell
The Winner | Simon Gregson 

Personally there wasn't anything that really stood out to me, and wouldn't have voted for this selection if I didn't have too. I voted for Dan Tetsell because I found he's charter the funniest, but I think that had more to do with he's scenes with Gemma Merna. I reckon the nominations for this award weren't thought through enough. 

The Best Dramatic Performance.

My Vote |  Stephanie Davis 
The Winner | David Neilson

Both Stephanie and David deserved this award, so either way I was content. I really think the entire story-line involving Katie the baby was amazingly performed though. I think this was played out and awarded in the final award though. 

Best Young Performance.

My Vote |  Ellis Hollins 
The Winner | Ellis Hollins 

I'm so glad this little man won this award! and the reaction on he's face was priceless!! For such a young actor he's played some hard story-lines and he's done them so well. I see a bright future in front of him. 

Outstanding Achievement. 

 Helen Worth

Honestly, I can not understand why she won this. I've never thought 'Oh Helen Worth is amazing, she's so amazing I'd give her an Soap Award!!' I was shocked, but whatever .... 

Sexiest Male.

My Vote |  Danny Dyer 
The Winner | Danny Mac

I mean come on? The selection was so hard!! Danny Dyer has always been on my HOT list and I doubt he will be removed, he's like a fine wine. As he ages, well ... just wow. 
Danny Mac is a fine male though, don't get me wrong. I just enjoyed the dribble time and a little bit of eye candy if I'm honest!! 

Onscreen Partnership

My Vote | David Neilson and Julie Hesmondhalgh 
The Winner | David Neilson and Julie Hesmondhalgh 

This goes without saying, seriously couldn't understand if anyone else won this award. Well deserved, hard work and determination has truly paid off here. They are amazing Actor/Actress and they work so well together. The 'Hayley's Cancer' story-line was played so delicately and to perfection. It's a shame they will no longer work together. 

Best Storyline. 

My Vote | Hayley's Cancer 
The Winner | Hayley's Cancer 

I've mentioned this enough, and could not put into words how proud I am of Julie Hesmondhalgh and the team for playing this story-line! As someone who's been effected by Cancer so closely and a number of times I've seen the evil disease attack the people I love, some have battled through and we've celebrated the determination and bravery but others have struggled and lost their battle. I know first hand how hard and stressful this experience can be and I believe they hit the nail right on the head. Every single performance was played so well. The emotions were there, and I often found myself sobbing over Coronation Street. This was an amazing story-line but if it wasn't for the amazing Actors/Actresses it wouldn't have been so fantastic. 

Outstanding Achievement Off-Screen. 

Carolyn Weinstein

I love these awards! It gives us a chance to have a look behind the scenes, and by the little montage showed I believe she really deserved this award.  I think we all forget sometimes that it's not all down to the Actors/Actresses and without the team behind them there wouldn't be a soap for us to be entertained by. Well done Carolyn! 

Best Actress.

My Vote |  Julie Hesmondhalgh 
The Winner | Julie Hesmondhalgh 

Again, overwhelmed that Julie won this award but was so very deserved! It's a shame she's no longer going to be in Coronation Street but she will never be forgotten and her Acting skills are amazing. She has touched so many hearts and I cannot thank her enough for the way she portrayed Cancer as an illness itself and the effects it has on family and friends. 

Best Actor.

My Vote | David Neilson
The Winner | David Neilson 

Thoroughly glad that David won this, well deserved! To me, I found myself constantly comparing myself and my family to he's character when playing the 'Hayley's Cancer' story-line. Always brought back a lot of sour memories but again, amazing Acting skills! 

Best British Soap.

My Vote | Coronation Street 
The Winner | Hollyoaks 

Wow, what a shocker! Personally I voted for Coronation Street. Do not get me wrong, Hollyoaks had some amazing story-lines and their Actors/Actresses are just as amazing but I really believed with the 'Hayley's Cancer' story-line that Coronation Street would have snapped this award straight up. I literally could have put money on this, well how wrong was I? My Mum voted for Eastenders and believed the same. I'm glad Hollyoaks won though, I wish I had a camera handy to capture my reaction though - pure shock! I reckon the Sienna story-line and Sinead story-line robbed this though. They we're crazy!! 
Well deserved all around!   

What did you think of this years awards? 


  1. I didn't see the soap awards this year, but I can't believe Hollyoaks won, so happy for them!

    1. I was super duper shocked when they won! Well deserved though! xxx


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