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Tenerife VLOG - Day 5 / Loro Parque Review

Hello my little beauties!! 

This is one of my most exciting experiences to share with you from my holiday! 

It was literally the best day! 
We got up really early and headed down to breakfast, before walking to the bus stop to catch our coach. The day started a little rocky, we had a late night and had to be on the bus by 08.30am. We had little sleep and was so ratty in the morning, then was stuck on a bus filled to the brim with families, and families mean children! and lots of them, crying and being annoying. The bus journey was what felt like forever but was probably around 90 minutes. 

When we arrived at Loro Parque we queued for a little while, but it wasn't too bad considering how busy the place was! On entering the Park we was approached by a woman trying to sell us an extra package, including a tour guide, behind the scenes guide and all the relevant information. Essentially making our day a lot smoother, planned and enable us to view the entire park. We was expecting this deal to cost a small fortune, so was pleasantly surprised when they told us it was only an extra 10 euro. We figured it was best to go with this, and for 10 euro it was a bargain! 

The tour begun at 11.00am and by this time it was roughly 10.30am so we took a walk to a cafe, brought a slush (how old school) and a lemon and sugar donut (seriously the nicest thing to even touch my lips!) sat down to enjoy those before walking back to our meeting point to start our tour. We had a brilliant lady named Dora (I believe) she was brilliant! She gave us a briefing on Loro Parque, how and when it was created, also why. Before guiding us around the park. She took us to see the Gorilla's where she introduced us to them, explained where they come from, how old they were (and a tone more super cool stuff) before taking us behind the scenes, showing us their beds, what they eat and letting us get up and close. This was crazy! 

Next, she took us to the Penguin Aquarium. 
This was amazing, en route we walked through a walk way which was made completely out of ice, literally! You touched the wall and it melted in your hand (crazy!!!!) we then stood on what I can only describe as a conveyor belt! Which took you around the Penguin Aquarium. Dora gave us tones of super cool information and fun facts about the Penguins before she took us underground and showed us the filtering system for the water used. This wasn't very interesting for myself, as I just wanted to see the animals but to see what goes on under the 'big show' was pretty cool I suppose! It made us appreciate the park a little more too, because that was some serious business! She also showed us the Food Preparation (what we call a kitchen) Area. Then begun giving us more information and facts about what/how much the Penguin eat, and why.

We then continued to walk around the park, guided by Dora. As we walked around, she was constantly telling us information and facts about the animals. It was great, Dora would point out certain animals, tell you their names, age, whether they were born at the park or where they come from. She informed you about their life story. If you had any questions, she would answer them straight up. 

Next, she guided us to the Dolphin Arena. She pre-warned us that the chances of us actually seeing any Dolphins were slim, because they'd be below surface that we could see. They rarely come out unless performing (yada yada yada) but as soon as we walked through the gates, a Dolphin come straight up!! I was at the back of the line, so nearly missed the Dolphin before she had gone back under. We all sat around the Arena, and Dora begun to give us some facts about the Dolphins at the park and before we knew it 2 Dolphins come up to the surface! I was literally within 6 feet of these amazing creatures! I was a little star struck (if thats what you call it) because besides Elephants and Tigers, Dolphins are my favourite animals! and I never in a million years thought I'd have the chance to be SO very close to them! 

So after that, we got taken underground to see the Orcas (Killer Whales).
 It's really hard to describe, and we wasn't aloud to take photographs but the Arena where all the animals perform are thousands of miles deep. They're almost like 'tanks' without a lid. (my describing skills are lacking some effort here) but on this tour, we had the chance to go underground. To the middle/bottom of the 'tanks' and view through windows (I say a window, it was more like a hole in the wall) this was totally amazing! 
Again, we got up close to the Orca's but at a safe distance (meters of glass separating us anyway!) Just watching them swim together was beautiful, they were so peaceful! I suppose this shows how naive I can be, but I didn't realise how BIG they were? 
(I mean, I knew Whales were big, but THAT big?!) 

The tour literally was amazing! 

After this, we had a chance to go and have some lunch, before heading back to see the live performances. Dora had explained the times of shows and where everything was which made everything a little less hectic for us. We managed to see pretty much all of the Park and we watched every single show - which was outstanding! 

It's a shame that in my VLOG'S I have had to speed up the videos and mute the sound, purely before the sound quality was awful, the Arena's were filled with people, families, children and of course we was all clapping and cheering. It just didn't sound very 'nice' when listening to it back, and I wanted to share as many clips with you guys as possible but that meant cutting the video into about 5 separate videos (which I didn't want to do) or speeding clips up. I hope it doesn't spoil the effect though. 

Loro Parque offer 4 different live performances. 

  • Dolphin Show 
  • Sea Lion Show 
  • Loro Show 
  • Orca Show 
Each and every show was amazing!! I couldn't recommend them enough. We managed to get front row seats for all of them, but you need to be quick because as soon as one show finishes everyone literally runs to the next! I believe they have 3 or 4 shows a day, so you have another chance to see them if you miss them! 
(Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe there's a show every hour, or something like that anyway!) 

With the Dolphin Show, a child is picked from the audience and gets pulled around the Arena in a little boat by Dolphins, then gets to kiss them!! 

The Sea Lions get lots of smooches off the audience! 

Be prepared to get soaked in the Orca show! 
(I promise you, there's no hiding from the splashes) 

The Loro Show was intense, you have birds of all types flying above your head! and someone from the audience gets to hold them. 

I think Loro Parque is aimed at families, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I know Ashley did too! I'd recommend spending the extra 10 euros just so your day is a little more structured. Also, if possible visit the park over 2 days! There is so much to see, and even with the tour we missed a chunk of the park. It's not something that I think could get boring either. The performances are so breathtaking! 

I'm also aware that there's other packages you can buy for priority seating at shows also, but I'm not aware of prices or how you go about doing that. 

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment! 

Have you been to Loro Parque? 
Are you planning too? 

Enjoy the VLOG guys! ....

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