Thursday, 22 May 2014

Tenerife Vlog - Day 3

As promised! 

A little later than expected so expect Day Four tomorrow! 
Here is my Tenerife VLOG for my third day. 

We spent Saturday mostly sunbathing around the pool, this was probably not the smoothest move as we burnt ourselves to a crisp! 
We then headed off on a little walk, we ended up on the beach again, had a Mcdonalds for late lunch, which strangely enough tasted so much nicer than back in England and everything was so much bigger! 

We then headed back through town and found this little cute strip of shops, which is where we stumbled across The Fish Spa - I wouldn't class it as a 'Spa' but it was nice never the less! The strangest feeling in the world, but worked a treat and for 20 minutes it was only 5 euro = bargain!! 

We then headed back to the Hotel where we had a nap and then got up and ready and spent the evening at the Hotel Entertainment Hall with some friends we met on Holiday. 
We enjoyed the Illusionist Show, Karaoke and far too many drinks .... 
(they were free so why not?) 

I hope you enjoy my second VLOG 
Check back tomorrow to see something else Fishy! .... 
(excuse the pun) 

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