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Review: L'Oreal Casting Creme Gloss

Hello my beauties!! 

How are you all? 

I received this item FREE to review and as you already know I'm blonde so I chose to use this product on my Mother, hence the photographs not being of myself!
Firstly I’d like to comment on the packaging, I think the design is great. The box isn't too big nor too small, there’s nothing worse than a huge box which when you open it the items inside look lost! But at the same time, a small box with hardly no information or the information is hard to understand isn't my favourite either. The colouring of the packaging it nice also, I love the pink/purple pop and all the writing was easy to read and stood out.  As explained I used this on my Mother so we chose the colour ‘Dark Chocolate 323’ but the product comes in a selection of different colours and tones. Personally I get my hair done professionally but my Mother has always used home kits, so I suppose you could call her somewhat an expert when it comes to 40 years’ experience of using them. She tends to spend £3 or less on hair kits though, so of course doesn’t expect much from them. She’s used a variety of different brands in the past and used L'Oreal several times. The product claimed to have Conditioning Colour – No Ammonia, Visible Shimmering Tones, Last up to 28 shampoos, Blend grey hairs away amongst a load of other things. 

The Application.

I started by unboxing the products. The first thing I noticed was everything had its place. 
The box contained x3 different Bottles, x1 pair of gloves and x1 leaflet containing instructions. 
Everything was clearly labelled so if you're a home kit virgin you would have been fine! 

  1. Colorant 
  2. Developer Cream
  3. Conditioner

Next my Mother wet her hair through and towel dried it (as required in the instructions) whilst I prepared the products, by adding the colorant to the developer cream and shaking extremely well. 

The first thing I noticed was the smell; usually the smell of hair dye is awful! I've had experiences of eyes watering and even gagging but this was completely different. 
I honestly cannot describe how divine it smelt! 
Almost like a floral scent but so much nicer!! 
( my description here is awful but I promise you its awesome!)  

Now I brushed through my Mother’s hair and begun sectioning it. This was a technique I learnt whilst at college. I sectioned her hair into a ‘Half Up / Half Down’ and then sectioned again from the top of her head to her neck. I used sectioning clips for this and created a 4 block section. Then as I went along pulled more hair from the above section down, and then started the same technique by pulling a section above down when I got to the sides. During this process I used a fine comb to pull through the hair guiding the hair dye.  

 Finally I went around her hairline ensuring that was covered and making sure I caught any fine hairs, then brushed it all back into a ponytail. 

We left the solution to work for 30 minutes. The leaflet recommended 20 minutes with an extra 5 if you have grey coverage, but because Mum’s grey bits were terrible (sorry Mum but its true!) and the fact her hair is super thick! We left it on for 30 minutes. We become slightly worried because as the time went on the actual dye was quickly turning a ginger colour. To me, it’s normal to have a slight colour change or difference in the dye to the colour you expect but the fact it was bright ginger by the end of the 30 minutes really concerned me. I really shouldn’t have worried but its just a warning out there for you first timers!! 


As shown below my Mum had serious grey hair!! and she hadn't died her hair in several months so it was a little wishy washy. Her hair condition was awful too. She really does need to treat herself to a little TLC when it comes to her hair! 


As you can see below the results were amazing. No more grey! No more wishy washy! and the condition of her hair has improved around 65% !!! 

I'd 100% recommend this home kit to anyone who wants more than a boost of colour! I can't comment on the washes yet because Mum has only washed her hair twice since the application but the colour hasn't budged yet (26 washes to go!) but the shine and condition of Mum’s hair is amazing! I was totally shocked at how much the dye has improved the condition of her hair. The colour is great and I'd urge you all to try it out! 

Have you tried this product?
What are your honest opinions?

Would you try the product after reading my review? 


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