Wednesday, 28 May 2014

OOTD: Job Interview Attire

Hey my beautiful people! 

How are you all? 

So, today I had an Interview ... It's my second EVER Interview so was pretty much a nervous wreck from start to finish, the fact it was torrential rain outside did not help the situation in the slightest, because I can assure you, carrying a dripping wet bag is not a good look, neither is wearing a 'non water proof' coat or your umbrella breaking on you en route! 
(you can all feel sorry for me around about .... now) 

I figured I'd share my Job Interview Attire for all you Plus Size Beauties to get some inspiration! I feel we should all have them essential pieces of clothing that are on standby for such occasions, especially being a Plus Size woman. It's so hard to find something for every day that is comfortable and flattering let alone something for an interview. Which is why everything I wore today I pre-owned (besides the fact of being completely out of money to go shopping .... again (feel sorry for me here) 

So here goes ... just please excuse the photography skills, my Mum is still learning 
(bless her) 

High Waisted Leggings 

I cannot get enough for these leggings! I literally live in Leggings, they're so comfortable and versatile, but I find it hard finding the right type. I'm fairly tall so struggle length wise, then because I'm a size 22-24 I struggle finding my size, then if that's not enough half of my old collection were see-through after a single wear! So when I come across these, I was intrigued. I brought x2 pairs to start with, and when they arrived I instantly fell in love. I couldn't complain about the price, the quality of the material was amazing. They're rather thick, which solves the see though problem, they offer different leg lengths - another problem solved! and they go up to size 36!!! The control panel across the stomach area is very flattering and holds everything in a little better than regular leggings and I haven't found them to go 'baggy' around the knee area. I've since ordered another pair and slowly I'm converting to these! They're great for any occasion. They're a huge staple in my wardrobe! I brought these from Simply Be for £12!! 

Polkadot Shirt 

This is possibly my favourite shirt right now! I brought it about a month or so ago, and cannot get enough of it! The material is beautiful, so airy and doesn't cling to any bumps and lumps! I actually got this a size smaller than what I normally buy and it still fits perfectly. I wore the shirt with a few buttons undone, I think when it's completely done up although the collar looks beautiful, it can be a little too much and enhances the 'fatness' of my triple chin. So whilst we're talking about the collar, the shirt has a lovely detailed black collar which is studded on the ends. The cuffs of the shirt also has detail with matching buttons. The shirt is buttoned up, but with an extra layer of material covering the buttons, leaving a flawless affect. I brought this from Simply Be costing around £20. Although I cannot find it on their website anymore! 

Black Cami
You can't really see this but for the sake of prevention I wore a plain black cami underneath my shirt, the last thing my possible employers want is an eyeful of whats underneath. I brought this for my holiday, they come in a multi-pack of 2 (black and white) from Fashion World and they were £12. 

Red Studded Pumps 

These are just regular pumps with some extra detail around the edges with studs. I chose these to add a little pop to my outfit. They're so comfortable and come in a huge range of sizes and widths. I brought these about a year ago though, so I'm not sure if they're still online but I purchased them from Very for £8 - bargain!!! 

I hope this helps you out on some ideas for a Job Interview or similar situation. 

Speak soon! 

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  1. This is a lovely shirt and looks fantastic! Being plus size is such a pain when it comes to buying interview/work clothes, I really struggle to find nice things!


    1. It can be horrible, and it has the ability to really get you down! Try to work on the basics that you already know! Wear what you feel comfortable in, that's what shines through. For me, I LOVE leggings, so I worked with that! That way you can continue shopping around that (if that makes sense) so if you feel more comfortable in dresses, select a few types of dresses to try out before buying! I can assure you this wasn't the first shirt I brought and it will not be the last :-) xxx

  2. I love this outfit. That shirt is lovely. Great find. First time reading your blog. Love it. Take a look at my blog if you like x x

    1. Thank you lovely! and Thank you for your lovely comment! I will pop over there now :-) xx


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