Tuesday, 27 May 2014


Hello my beauties! 

As you can tell my blog is looking booooootiful!! 
I'd love to lap up the attention and pretend that I'm super duper talented but that would be a huge lie! 

I recently come across the gorgeous Gemma from Miss Makeup Magpie and we got chatting, when I mentioned how I wanted a change in design on my blog and she recommended the lovely Carly from Carly Watts Art, who is a super talented illustrator. 

At first I was a little worried about contacting her because previously I had worked with an Illustrator who in my opinion was just in the business for the money. They had taken the money before I could blink and I found them very rude. I felt as though I just had to deal with it being new to the blogging industry.

This time around, I checked out Carly's online portfolio and instantly saw the difference. There was so much attention to detail and all of her designs looked amazing, even things I didn't find relevant or things that I didn't like personally, looked fabulous!  

After my detective work was over (lol) I chose to drop Carly an email, which to be honest was extremely brief!  I was surprised by how quickly Carly replied and how bubbly she was! We discussed some ideas, which was more on her part because I can be the least creative person at times! We then discussed pricing and when I wanted it by, Carly was brilliant at this point and offered me time to think about the process, whilst she thought up ideas! 

Before I knew it, I had an email from Carly with a rough copy / sketch of my items. I was shocked at not only how quick she had done this, but her creativity! She had actually sat and read my blog and twitter to 'get to know' me a little better and thought up the entire theory behind my design herself. I confirmed how much I loved the ideas she had thought up and we agreed a week later she would have the finished product and then if I was happy I could pay. 

A few days later I had another email from Carly, containing my Blog Header, Button and Signature. She was really cool throughout the entire situation, was never once rude, never demanded payment before we spoke or discussed ideas and was open to my opinions (even though I had none!) 

The overall products that I received from Carly were amazing. 
I was literally gob-smacked with the result. She really puts in so much effort into her designs and making sure that you are 110% happy with the finished product before going any further. 

Since Carly creating my new layout and Gemma recommending Carly we have all stayed in contact and Myself and Carly are working on some new projects regarding my Charity Events. 

I can not thank these ladies enough and I'd love it if you could go over and check them both out! 

You can find all their contact details below .... 



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  1. Thank you so much for writing this lovely post Shannon. Your new header and button is absolutely stunning and Carly has done an amazing job �� xxx

    1. Thank you for all your continued help!! You're more of a friend now :-) xxxx

  2. Aaw, what a sweet post to read! I'm really pleased that you are so happy with the final outcome :) I have already designed a very 80's pattern to use for the poster background aha! xxx

  3. Your header looks lovely!



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