Tuesday, 29 April 2014

My Week In Pictures April 21st - 27th

Monday 21st April 

The countdown continues! I had a day off today and tried to get my things together. I took tags off of all my new items of clothing and tried to pack! 

Tuesday 22nd April 

I worked a 8 hour shift today and it involved lots of Chocolate!! 
Lots of Galaxy Chocolate. 

Wednesday 23rd April 

I've received a lot of weird messages this week, but this one here from Larry was by far the most interesting. Its safe to say that I blocked him straight after reading this. 
I don't understand how these people find me!? 

Thursday 24th April 

It's official guys! One week exactly today! 
This holiday is over due and I can not wait to be sat up on that beach with a cocktail in one hand as my troubles float away. This also means I won't be posting much but I will pre-post something for you whilst I'm away.  I'm hoping to blog whilst I'm away too! 

Friday 25th April

It's my Best Friend Amy's Birthday today! She's not been in my life for a long time but since the first day I met her she's been there for me. Supported me, never judged me and given me the biggest choice of my life. As some of you know she's asked me to be her Birthing Partner to her little bundle of joy - who's due in June and I can not wait! I hope she has a lovely day because she deserves it. 

Saturday 26th April 

Spent the evening with this girl. We laughed a little too much and had a proper catch up session. Sarah is great  - I'm going to miss her when I leave work. 

Sunday 27th April 

I'm packed!! I can't promise I won't unpack and pack again, but I'm packed and ready! I think I've over packed to be honest with you, and I most probably will unpack and re-pack a few times before I leave but this has lifted a huge weight off of my shoulders. 
Bring on Tenerife!! 

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