Saturday, 5 April 2014

Mothers Day Madness!

Hello my beauties!! 

As my UK friends will realise its currently 12.12am and I figured what better to do than ramble about my fantastic day spent with family, whilst eating marmite on toast, drinking tea and catching up on terrible tv!! 

Mothers Day alongside all other holidays are a big thing to myself and my family. Mothers Day is a huge event in my household, being brought up all my life by just my Mother I love to express my great fullness a little more on this day! Of course, I don't ignore her the rest of the year (although sometimes I wish I could - I joke I joke!!) but since I've started working I rarely have time to spend with my family. Whenever 'family activities' are planned I seem to be working, so the fact Mothers Day happened to fall on my weekend off this year I really wanted to make the most of things!! 

The day started a little unsettled because the previous night Myself, Mum and good family friend Fay had gone out around town for a 'few drinks' which as you can imagine turned into a little more than a 'few' so waking up with a sore head didn't help matters but nether the less, I battled on!! 

Once I'd woken up, got myself ready and just about braced myself for the day ahead I heard my Mum come upstairs so figured I'd have to be quick at grabbing all her presents and running downstairs to display them on the coffee table with a nice cuppa, this went to plan - thank god! 

My Mum isn't one to worry about presents, as long as she has a card (this stands for any special occasion) then she's more than happy but I love spoiling her when I can.
I brought my Mum a bunch of flowers, a huge bottle of Baileys, a box of Ferrero Rocher Chocolates and a Mug which had 'Mother' printed with a cute floral print and of course a gorgeous card, which I filled with some home truths and thankful messages for everything she's done and continues to do for me. She even made a comment on how as I've got older she's understood the meaning behind what I write in cards and she loves how honest I am, which I thought was so cute!! 

So around 2pm we left to go to my Nans house. Myself, Mum, Nan, Aunties, Uncle and Cousins enjoyed a buffet lunch followed by present and card exchanging. My cousins are a lot younger than me (8 and 2 years old) so prior to getting to my Nans I stopped off at the local flower shop and brought My Nan, Mum and Aunties a bunch a flowers from the kids. Seeing my cousins toddle in with these massive bunches of flowers gleaming smiles, was priceless!! 

I had a fantastic day. I'm so grateful for my family, especially my Mother. I'm such a family girl, and I'll do anything to ensure they're happy and safe. I'm proud of every single member of my family (with exceptions) and I really enjoyed spending the day with people who mean so much to me.

Here's some photographs from our day .... 

As much as I fight and argue with my Mother, she really is my world. I'd be nothing without this woman. She's raised me from day one alone, wiped my tears, held me up strong and made me laugh when no one else could crack a smile. She's never once judged me and has always had 100% belief in me. She's not perfect but she's my Mother and the only one I'm blessed to have so I'll cherish her always. 

I hope you all have a good Mothers Day? 

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