Saturday, 5 April 2014

Baby Shower Excitement

Hello my beauties! 

As some of you who follow me on Twitter may already know that I've been planning a Baby Shower for my best friend Amy, who asked me to be her Birthing Partner. I'm super stoked and literally can not wait to receive that all important phone call! 

Meet my gorgeous little God Daughter 
... Kay Betsy Hall .... 

I offered to organise her Baby Shower, at first I didn't think much of it but me being me, and leaving everything until last minute I've regretted it this week! Although I've had a week off work so it should have been easy - you'd think so anyway! 


Everything is finally in place. 
The house is decorated, the cake is ready to collect tomorrow (today if you have been to sleep already) the games are organised, I have even gone to the effort of making gift / survivial bags for all the guests!! 
Yes, you can call me a professional!! 

I ordered these basic bags online and have filled them with little sentimental gifts, some games that will be used during the night, massive novelty tea bags, coffee sachets  condoms and all sorts!! They're supposed to be a gift bag come survival bag. I'm really proud of them to be honest!! 

Also inside the gift bags are baby bottles personalised with sweets inside for all the guests. I found this idea online when typing in Baby Shower Gift Ideas ... I recreated the idea and I'm so chuffed with the outcome!! 

 Another cute idea I come across whilst surfing the web were these tea lights with cute little messages. The original ones were bigger candles and had personalised stickers around the glass outing but I figured it would be easier to recreate them this way. I then googled ideas for the messages and printed them off. I purchased the cute little pink and purple bags from Ebay. 

All thats left to do is collect the cake and go food shopping tomorrow, then cook the food and add the finishing touches to the house!! We have around 15 guests coming, and I'm hosting it at my house, which is going to be .... fun!! 

Although none of this would have been possible without my Mums creative head and ability to step in and lend a helping hand!! 

Here's some sneaky pictures of the decorations ... 

And of course no Baby Shower is complete without lots of cute gifts for the Mother to be and Baby! 
The following picture is the hamper I made her and Bouncer I brought the baby. The gift bags will be moved tomorrow to another table and this table will be used to store all the gifts until the Baby Shower finishes. 

Keep posted for a complete update over the weekend, lets hope its a success. Keep them fingers crossed for me!! 

How are you all today? 

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