Friday, 11 April 2014

AX Paris - Giveaway / Competition!!

Hello my beauties!! 

It's not often I brag about one brand in a single post but I'm totally loving AX Paris lately.
Although the diets slow at the moment, I've still lost a total of just under 2 stone but I'm still 'Plus Size' and I will be for a while (its going to take work!!) so finding clothes that I like, are stylish and fit comfortably is a complete nightmare! I detest clothes shopping because it just makes me feel crap when I find something I really love and it doesn't come in my size or it doesn't fit properly. I much prefer online shopping, then I can try the clothes on in my own home and if it doesn't fit I can send it back !!

As some of you may know May 1st I'm off on my very first holiday abroad!
I'm flying out to Tenerife with a friend for my 20th birthday and I literally can not wait!!
(21 days but I'm not counting) and I've found it a nightmare toĆ’ find holiday clothes!!
Yet again, AX Paris have saved the day. I'll be posting about my holiday clothes in another post so keep your eyes pealed! 

I come across AX Paris about a year ago, and you'll find a lot of my tops and dresses are brought from there!
Below are my favourites!  . . . . 

AX Paris are fantastic! I find their clothes are true to size. I often find that because of my clothing size tops are a lot longer or larger around the arm areas, where I don't have 'fat' arms. I also find that when buying bottoms 'skinny' jeans are not so skinny around the ankles but with AX Paris I've never had this problem. They have a 'Curve' selection which range from size 16 up to 26!! Then their other range from size 8 up to 14!! I LOVE being able to shop somewhere that my skinnier friends shop too. It makes me feel less of an outcast!! I know my plus size ladies understand me.

AX Paris have just launched their SS14 campaign and I think you'll be with me when I say its gorgeous!!

AX Paris HQ have been kind enough to offer me this fantastic competition to you guys!

How cool?!
(you can thank me later!!) 

AX Paris, AX Paris SS14

They're offering you the chance to WIN £500 worth of summer clothes from their collection.
It's so simple to enter!!

All you have to do is click below (or the picture above) and you'll be directed to the competition page.
You'll be asked to fill out a small application form which consists of
First Name
Last Name
Date of Birth

and that's it!!
No catch. 
Then you just need to sit back, cross your fingers and whilst you're waiting to hear back why not check out their website for some inspiration!! 

> > > CLICK HERE!!!! < < < 

Whether you're plus sized or a naturally slimmer lady you can enter this competition!!
There's no discrimination here my beauties!

I hope you have a beautiful week!
Did you enter?
What's your favourite item in their new collection? 

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