Saturday, 1 March 2014

Model My Diet | Diet Update

Work has really gotten the better of me this week, I haven't stuck to my diet as strictly as I should and I've started these new tablets which I'm unsure about so I wasnt surprised when I stepped on the scales and staring back at me was the same weight as last week. 

I'm glad I haven't put any weight on but its still gutting that I haven't lost anything. If anything its given me the boost to make sure I do better this week! 

Something else I thought I'd slip into this post is a website I come across which I think is fantastic!! Sometimes you don't want to tell people you're on a diet, or simply haven't got time to take progress pictures - fear no more!! 

Model My Diet is a fantastic Virtual Weight Loss Simulator and Motivation Tool. 
For us ladies, and even you gents! It's hard to see the weight loss for ourselves because, lets face it we see ourselves every single day. Until the clothes start getting baggy and the compliments roll in we're none the wiser! 
The website is fantastic! You can enter your current weight, height and hair colour then your goal. I then played about with it a little and added me Current Weight and what I Started at. The difference is crazy and really helps to see it for yourself! There's also a 360 degrees option so you can view your entire body. I've left mine below for you to have a nose at, but I'd suggest having a play about yourself! 

Current Weight .... 

Goal Weight ... 

There's also a great 'Ticket' feature and loads more!! 

Have a try and let me know what you think! 
Hows your diets going? 

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