Thursday, 6 March 2014

Bedtime Skincare Routine

Hello my beauties!! 

A well over due beauty post (finally!! I hear you!) I was going to make a video for this blog post but being late at night and only being able to film with natural light right now, I figured it was best just to take some beautiful photographs and ramble! Its what I'm best at anyway! 

I never used to be a huge fan of a Skin Care Routine, when I started Beauty School it become a huge part of my daily routine, so much so that if I miss an evening I can really see the difference in my skin so I try my best to keep on top of this. I've set myself a basic routine and every so often I add in the extra special steps when I'm in the mood for a treat or pamper evening! Now, being a student for such a long time I tended to stick to the low cost products, then whilst training I indulged into some higher end brands, which have lasted me so well, hence the wide range of prices products in this post, don't fear though, as I have low cost alternatives for you guys on a budget! 

First things first, I don't tend to wear much eye makeup as mentioned in my recent YouTube video you can watch that here but when I do then I begin by removing my eye make up with 

Skin Truth FACE Eye Make-up Remover - Optimise Range

This is a fantastic, basic Eye Make-up Remover, its not greasy and doesn't irritate my eyes - I have terribly sensitive eyes so thats a bonus! I find less is more with this product, and so far its lasted me well. I can't find this product anymore, but I purchased the Skin Truth range via Beauty Express. They still do the Skin Truth range but its been 'upgraded' I haven't tried the new products but I can't see there being a huge difference, although the new packaging is divine!  

This retails at around £3.79 which is a steal!! 

Secondly, I cleanse with 

Skin Truth FACE Nourishing Cleanser - Nourish Range 

This product is fantastic!! Its great for every day use, isn't too heavy and doesn't leave any nasty residue behind. It's not the best if you're looking for a deep clean, but it really does nourish my skin and leave it feeling refreshed. I tend to cleanse twice, both with this product but I find I get a better result as the first cleanse gets rid of any obvious dirt and nasty bits then allowing the second cleanse to penetrate a little deeper into your skin. Again, as the previous product this range isn't online anymore but the new version looks just a great and they're also sold in 500ml sizes as well as 200ml which is great! 

This retails at around £4.19 - again, bargain! 

My Third step is to Tone. I do this by using my Dermalogica - Multi Active Toner this isn't for everyone, as it is a little pricey and can be hard to get your hands on. I brought an Salon sized product alongside travel sizes when I was doing Beauty from home, I find the smaller 50ml bottles easier to handle so refill them once they're empty using the Salon sized bottles. This makes it easier to store and apply. 

Whilst training my favourite product to use was anything from Dermalogica, all their products are amazing and are really worth every penny spent. I'm not a fan of Toner's in general, I find them greasy and annoying but this applies so perfectly, and its so very refreshing! As mentioned, its slightly pricey and retails at around £26.30 for a 250ml bottle, but you can shop around or go for the travel sized products if you was looking to try something new. 

My Forth step would be to Moisturise, for this I use Simple - Replenishing Rich Moisturiser, I love Simple as their products are no perfume, no colour and filled with natural active ingredients which honestly make a difference to your skin. 

This is just a basic, day to day moisturiser that lasts well on your skin and deeply nourishes your skin. 
This is a drugstore steal at around £3.99 !! 

Finally, optional steps depending on the day of the week, time of the month and general outlook of my skin I use Balance Me Extra Care Radiance Face Oil on any dry patches on my face, now this is lethal stuff. Less is a million percent more, and I find it used best at night as it is SO greasy! When applied it doesn't feel too pleasant because of this, but I can assure you when you wake your skin will feel amazing. This retails at around £27 but as I said, less is more so its an investment! 

Secondly, depending on the state of my skin I love a bit of Sudocrem! I literally plaster my face in the suff, sometimes in replace of anything else, as long as I've cleansed and slapped some of this on, my skin feels and looks acceptable! Be sure to cleanse in the morning though and it tends to leave you looking rather pale. This retails at around £5 a pot, depending on size. 

 I always finish off by  applying a small amount of Vaseline to my lips to ensure they're nourished throughout my sleep, I'm not perticular on a certain type but I have the entire range of these cute little pots which are really handy. They retail at around £3 each.

What's your bedtime skin care routine? 
Do you use any of the products I've mentioned? 

I hope you're all having a fantastic week, I am! 


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