Monday, 10 February 2014

Weightloss; Weigh In #3

Hey my beauties!! 

The past week has been super hard for me on my diet. I literally lost all motivation due to personal reasons and I fell off the wagon, I done something I didn't plan on doing until a few months into my diet ... wait for it ... I went out! *hahaha* I drank far too much and I regret it now! 

Although I did loose weigh prior this, a total of 3 lbs but I've dreaded stepping on the scales since. I'm too scared that the terrible drinking session has made me pile on the pounds and I'll just cut myself up about it, so until next Monday I am staying as far away from the scales as possible. 

I've stuck to the basics of my diet, don't get me wrong!! I even turned down a takeaway on Friday evening (I bet you don't believe that one!) I honestly did, I opted for a Jacket Potato whilst my friends tucked into a Chicken Kebab with Chips!!  I've also chucked in the Sugar in my Tea and Coffee and replaced it with x1 Calorie FREE Sweetener! 

That seems to have helped, and with my Coffee I'm not having any Milk, I always turned my nose up at Black Coffee but it's not as bad as it smells, looks or you think!! (trust me) 

I'm continuing snacking on fresh vegetables and fruit, celery and cucumber being my favourite still!! I've also treated myself to some Weight Watchers Hot Chocolate supplies, for when I'm fancying a change in hot drinks! 

Although, I found it fantastic to let my hair down and dress myself up again. I haven't been out since last October and it was great to see some old friends, have a dance and get mortal! 

I also found it rather amazing that I received so many compliments whilst out. 

Since starting the diet I have lost a total of 19lbs which is fantastic! I'm over joyed but to actually receive compliments about my weight and people actually noticing my hard work, it gives you such a buzz and have pushed me to continue! 

I found its much easier to compare photographs to show the difference. I couldn't really see it day to day, but after comparing these two photographs the first was taken in October and the second this weekend, I really can see the difference! It helps with the confidence boost also!! 

How are you finding your weightless journey? 
Any tips and tricks to share? 

Keep up the good work guys!! As time goes by, it becomes easier - I promise you!! 

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