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The Grammys 2014.

Something unusual for myself, more of a Lifestyle post but I couldn't ignore the intense emotions I felt during the entire programme. As you know already, I've been working so hard and so many hours this past few weeks so I have literally only just had the time to sit down and catch up on my favourite TV and at the top of my list was The Grammys

So, on Sunday 26th January 2014 we celebrated 56th Grammy Awards 

I try and watch Music Awards every year and I was gutted when I missed The Grammys this year, and I am so happy that I finally have caught up, this year has blown me away - I'm literally speechless! 

Awards Reviews; 

Jay Z, Lorde and Paul McCartney went home with Two Awards, Justin Timberlake come in just infront with Three Awards, Macklemore, Ryan Lewis and Pherrell Williams took Four whilst Daft Punk claimed Five awards!!

Performance Reviews; 

Lorde - Royals ; I'm a huge fan of the woman, her music is amazing and she's got so much talent for such a young age. I'm all for individuality but I was certainly a little freaked out by her performance. I didn't feel at all comfortable, what was with all the clawing? I felt she was involved in the song, you could see she meant what she was singing and don't get me wrong, it was a great performance but for me, a little 'too much'. 

Taylor Swift - All Too Well ; I'm not a fan of Taylor Swift to be honest, I find her so annoying. Her music is something I'd listen to if it come on the radio, but I'd never go as far as buying her album or a single. She's got a nice voice and of course, she can sing but I can't relate to any of her music, so when she performed on The Grammys, it didn't surprise me that she annoyed me a little more than usual, I could cope until she started head banging, I instantly thought of Lady Gaga, and I can not stand people who try and make a stand via someone else's statement. The whole piano, head banging, emotional, intense thing should be left to Lady G. 

Daft Punk, Pharrell Williams and Stevie Wonder - Get Lucky ; Personally I expected more, or maybe less. I don't really know how I felt about this performance, the song itself has grated on me for a long time now and I'm bored of it, at first I couldn't get enough but it makes my ears bleed now! Having Stevie Wonder perform the song with them was a nice touch though! You can just tell he's so passionate about music, my eyes were constantly on him throughout the entire performance they should have sacked Pharrell right off! Although it was nice to see the entire crowd up, dancing and laughing!! 

Imagine Dragons and Kendrick Lamar - M.a.a.d City & Radioactive ; Oh my god. Literally! I was transfixed on the screen, such a crazy performance! but once again, Taylor Swift was annoying as hell trying to be all 'gangsta' in her slimline dress. It was embarrassing and ruined parts of their performance! Never the less, what a vision! Everything about the performance was completely crazy!! The staging, lighting, effects, the music choice, the performance. Everything gelled together so easily! Again as mentioned before, it was great to see such legends singing along to Radioactive! 

P!nk and Nate Reuss - Just Give Me A Reason ; For starters, its one of my favourite songs from last year and I don't think I could ever get bored of it! I'm not the biggest fan of Nate Reuss but he's voice teamed with P!nk's is brilliant. I think the limelight was definitely on P!nk during this performance though, mega wowza!! Her voice is insane. I think every single performance of P!nk's is emotional and she creates such passion whilst singing. 


It goes without saying that the opening of the show this year was by far outstanding. 
As you may already know, I am a huge fan of Mrs Carter and to see such an outstanding performance by Jay Z and Beyonce was an honour. They performed their new duo 'Drunk On Love' which is featured on Beyonce's new album, which is a visual album (best idea she has ever had) 

You could just feel the passion they have for each other, not only is she the most beautiful woman to step on this earth, she is fantastic at what she does, vocally and lyrically she is perfection. 
I'm also a big fan of Jay Z, I saw him live at Wireless Festival last year and he was crazy! I'm yet to see Beyonce live, but when I do ... my life would be complete! I can't believe people have actually moaned about the performance for being too 'saucy' I thought it was brilliant, it was bare, just their voices and love on stage. 

I thought to myself 'shit, they've smashed this ... how is anyone going to compete?!' 
What an opening!! 

Same Love, well what can I say? 
I found myself balling to this performance. I have a huge passion for Gay rights and when I first heard Ryan Lewis, Macklemore and Mary Lambert's - Same Love I thought it was brilliant, such a catchy song with such a heartwarming meaning behind it. To then experience what we all did whilst watching The Grammys, it was amazing. I mean, the idea behind the entire performance was magical. 

Who would have even imagined getting married in front of all of those amazing icons in the music industry, to be joined in love and matrimony by none other than Queen Latifah - come on!!! To have people crying with happiness around you and accepting that you are who you are, which I gather is a huge pointer for someone who is Gay. I don't think I'll ever be able to watch that performance without crying, it was just so emotional! 

So whilst we're discussing the Grammy's I figured it would be rude not to mention the attire that the celebrities were spotted in, so here are my Fashion Loves and Fashion Hates of outfits from this years awards. In no particular order, here goes! 

Best Dressed; 

Can we all just take a second to breath here? Beyonce really pulled out the guns for this one, her natrual beauty teamed with this gorgeous lace dress from Michael Costello no words can describe how beautiful this dress is, and how amazingly well Beyonce pulled it off! Flawless. 

I'm not a fan of Paris Hilton but I couldn't let that excuse the fact that she was looking outstanding at this years awards!! She really did pull off this gorgeous Haus of Milani, white lace gown  which teamed with the edgy hair style really worked for me! 

I'm not really one to make a comment on a pregnant woman, I mean they're hormones are all over the place and lets face it they've got a lot going through their head but I was shocked at Ciaras choice of outfit, she elegantly held her baby bump whilst dressed in a stunning sparkly number by Emilio Pucci, this gorgeous gold gown flatters every part of her body and she is glowing! So simple yet so detialed. Teamed with a simply and classy hairstyle, you look flawless Ciara! 

Worst Dressed; 

What on earth was going through Pharrell William's head when he pulled out this one? I mean, you're at The Grammy Awards, he could have made some effort and as for that awful oversized hat, just no. I'll put this down to, too many alcoholic beverages before dressing himself - there has to be some sort of reasonable explanation, surely?! 


Madonna hit the red carpet in this Monochrome Ralph Lauren tux pantsuit which personally I felt done nothing for her figure nor her age. She looked like a drowned rat, lets not talk about the other outfits she wore, because they were just as bad. 

Skylar Grey was wearing a gorgeous dress from Michael Costello but didn't do it any justice, whatsoever! She looked terrible, ill and not even happy to be there. Teamed with her slicked back hair and pale face, its just a huge disater in my eyes! 

What did you think of this year awards? 
Do you agree with my Best and Worst Outfits? 

Let me know below! 

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