Monday, 27 January 2014

Weightloss; Weigh In #2

Hello guys! 
So as you know, and how could I forget ... It's Monday *yay* 
Now normally I have today off work, but I picked up some over time for later on today so I figured to keep my promise of posting a weight related post every Monday I'd get it up before I left for work, otherwise you'd still be waiting for this post next Monday! 
(I'm such a great time keeper, can you tell?) 

Breakfast ; Vanilla Fudge Shake! 
So, this week has been SO hard. For over 14 months now, I haven't had a menstrual cycle - TMI and the doctors have put it down to a condition called Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) which has been the toughest time of my life if I'm honest (lets save the details for another post) but after loosing 12lbs last week, I think my body went into some sort of shock, and I started what has been a very long, and painful menstrual cycle. Not only have I been in intense pain, I have been an emotional wreck - seriously! I've cried so much this week. I know most of you would do anything to be able to miss a few periods and the drama that comes with it, but I'd never been so excited to actually have one!! (hahaha) So, of course that's fantastic! I'm hoping that now I'm loosing this weight my health improves and I get my menstrual cycle's back in swing! Alongside the woman troubles, I've been doing lots of over time at work so I've found it so hard to stick to the diet, I've found myself often skipping meals and not drinking as much water, so that's what I've got to watch this week! 

So anyhow, today was weigh in day and if I'm honest it's mixed emotions. I stepped onto the scales and was gutted I've only lost 3lbs this week (you're probably thinking I'm being greedy here) but lets me honest, I have the extra to loose and considering I lost a total of 12lbs in my first week, I was at least expecting a good half a stone! BUT ... then I rethought about the situation and all together I've hit my first STONE  in just 2 weeks and even lost an extra pound into the next stone loss. 

One of my AMAZING Dinners this week!! 

I'm overjoyed, I have the best friends and family because they've all said how proud they are of me, and to keep it up and it really does help! 

My new found love, Apples! 
I've not really 'noticed' the weight loss yet, although the other day I did try a top on that I last wore on Boxing Day and it was tight but I now have breathing space, so the weight is going ... somewhere?! 

I'm sorry its just a quick post, nothing interesting really! 
I just wanted to update you all on my weight loss. 

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Current Weight Loss; 
1 stone 1 lbs 

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