Thursday, 2 January 2014

Christmas, New Year & Too Much Beer!!

Hey my little beauties! 

I feel as though I have blinked and an entire year of my life has flown past me. The past six months have been insane, I've been so busy with A-levels and Work. I was struggling to juggle everything, I could slowly feel everything piling on top of me, and even more so lately. I've been working all of the late shifts and when I've found the time I would just sleep, and sleep ... and sleep!!  Christmas was no different to that either, I worked continuously throughout the Christmas period, in fact I've had one day off! Which was News Year Day *insert round of applause*  I really got into the 'Christmas Spirit' the week leading up to Christmas at work, we all dressed up and I took it to new levels wearing different Christmas Jumpers, Shirts and even Socks!! 

What's that? Proof I hear you ask? ... Well if I must ;-) 

In all seriousness though, I have enjoyed my first working Christmas, its made everything seem a little more 'real' and in the words of my Mother ''You're an adult now, you're working and paying your own rent, life's a bitch'' of which is completely true!! 

Festive Feelings During Shifts At Work ... 

Everything seemed a little rushed this year, I worked silly shifts so I missed out on some Present Opening and Boxing Day Dinner so I didn't really feel the whole 'Christmas Spirit' this year, but in the job I'm in .. it's all part of the game. Don't get me wrong though, I still spent time with my family - thank god (although they wouldn't agree as I was a huge stress head) 

Christmas always has and always will be about the kids though  - right? 

I'm so blessed to have been surrounded by my amazing family. If anything the past few years have taught me just how precious family really are, so just sitting in a room with people who I adore so much was amazing. 

I received some amazing gifts which I'll be blogging about & reviewing soon!! 
I am also in the middle of editing my first YouTube video -  a Christmas Haul. So keep a look out for information on that bad boy! I can promise you it's not great but you'll laugh ... at least!  

As for New Year, that was a huge flop. I'm not going to waste my time explaining the disappointment but the ''Too Much Beer'' section in the title of this blog was completely sarcastic!! 

So for me, it's all about 2014. I'm so excited because I have so many BIG plans for this year, including my blog and YouTube. I want to get on the road (finally) and progress in my career but I also have some holidays booked and in general I'm super excited to achieve so many different things! I don't think I've ever felt so positive about a year before as I do 2014 and we're not even 2 days in yet!! 


So how was your Christmas guys? 
What did you get up to?

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