Monday, 9 December 2013

Ted Baker Black Bow Shopper Review.

Hey guys! 

Last pay day, I treated myself to a new bag - if you know me you know I LOVE bags!! but you'd also know I'm not a big fan of 'named branded products' I've always wanted a Ted Baker Shopper but figured I'd never put it to good enough use, finally settled into my new job and with all the paper work, files, folders and my mammoth diary I figured that now would be a great time to invest! So that's exactly what I done! 

They come in all different styles and colours, which I found a little frustrating because I was stuck for choice but I settled on a black patent version with light pink bow and writing. 

I couldn't fault this bag in the slightest! It's a great bag, so versatile and so very pretty!! 

The patent helps with any sticky situations you might get in, during my job I have long shifts and often end up having something split near by my bag, so the ability to just wipe it clean is fantastic! Inside is also patent, we've all done it ... packed some lunch or a drink which has somehow leaked and ruined not only the content of our bags but the bag itself too, well not with this bag! It's easily wiped clean and looking good as new again. I also used this for a month whilst studying my A-Levels and found I could fit an A4 or A3 folder inside, so for all you guys at University - this is a good investment! 

I'm in love with the little quotations on/inside the bag also. 

On the front and back of the bag it reads 
'Ted Baker London' 

on the left side it reads 
New York
Los Angeles
Hong Kong

and on the right side it reads 
'No Ordinary Designer Bag'
then of course you have the cute little bow motive. 

Then inside the bag, just above the little zipped compartment it reads 
'You've really got a hold on me'

These definitely add a personal touch to the bag. 

Prices vary as to where you purchase the bag and what style the bag is, I paid £45 for mine and it was from their website. I was a little hesitant on spending that much money on a bag but I honestly love it! I couldn't imagine life without it now, it's so convenient and spacious inside. I'm not sure I'd rush to spend £45 on a bag again but if it was a Ted Baker Shopper then I'd happily spend away, this is a high recommendation from myself! 

For the full listing of Ted Baker Bags head over to their website
 - - - > >  CLICK HERE !!

I've noticed a few online that are festive and I can't promise I won't be making another purchase!! 

Do you own any Ted Baker Products? 
What do you think of the brand? 

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