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FEATURE: busybeemummybex

 Have you ever had one of them moments, when you stop what you’re doing and you think … think deep into a situation and realise that you are so lucky? I've had a few of them lately and one of them was when I come across this amazing blog, now I don’t normally do this or in other words I haven’t done this before but something clicked inside me and I wanted to share an amazing woman and her story with you. I often moan about trivial things but once getting to grips with this blog and taking the time to read through it, and chat with the lady behind the posts I have realised just how blessed I really am to have had a pretty ‘easy going life’

Meet, Bex …. She is the amazing mother, wife, author and artist behind http://busybeemummybex.blogspot.co.uk and she has been kind enough to take part in a feature on my blog, including a question and answer section. Bex is a mother to two children and wife to husband Mic. She's from Sussex and runs a lifestyle blog which is centered around her children, Hugo and Emilyn. Hugo has a condition called Bilateral Talipes also known as 'Club Foot' Bex has been extremely open about the whole experience and shared her journey online via her blog for all to read, gain knowledge and experience. She has also offered help and advice to parents of children suffering from Talipes.

I think the main reason her blog caught my eye was because she was 'straight up' she hasn't hid away from the fact that life with Hugo hasn't been the easiest, she hasn't cut corners or made things out to be a 'pretty picture' she's been very vocal on the entire journey and supplied a number of photographs to go alongside her posts which show not along progress but passion.

I felt as a Plus Sized Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle blog I could reach out to a wider range of people to raise awareness of this condition and how your life changes around it. I'd like to thank Bex deeply for letting me do this feature and I truly hope it helps inform some of my readers about Talipes, gains awareness for children like Hugo and does Bex justice! 

So lets stop talking, lets start asking ... 

Hey Bex! 
Thanks for agreeing to do this feature in my blog. Firstly, could you just give us a little background information on your family and how you met your husband, just for anyone who doesn't know about you and your blog? 
I met my husband on a kind of 'blind date' My sister was at University with him & she set us up on a uni night out. The following day we spent 5 hours in a local Starbucks Coffee house talking, a month later we booked a 2 weeks holiday to Turkey, things happened quickly & 6 months later we were expecting Emilyn; not the most ideal time as Mr.H was still at University. Following him graduating & finishing University we moved to the outskirts of London with Emilyn, Got married in Kingston then conceived Hugo on our Honeymoon.

Mic, Hugo, Bex & Emilyn. 

So when did you find out that Hugo had he's condition? and what did you first think when you found out about Hugo's condition?
We found out at our 20 week scan that Hugo had Bilateral Talipes, Our Sonographer idiotically called the condition "Pigeon feet" I mean c'mon who wants to hear that their perfect baby isn't perfect at all & in fact has pigeon feet? 
We then got put in a small clinical room & the nurse on duty said "So you know about the 2 conditions your son has?" My Husband & I looked at each other... "No?" I replied tears dripping from my face. "Oh did he not tell you about the Plexus Cysts on his brain? They may be markers for Downs syndrome or worse".... She said it so blaze like it was nothing? this was my unborn son. I burst into tears. The nurse was trying to phone another hospital with better equipment to scan me to see whats happening with Hugo.
Luckily at the following scan after an agonising weeks wait with my brain spinning... Hugo was given the all clear & he should just be born with Bilateral Talipes. I still didn't take this news well. Looking at baby-gros made me cry. My new born baby would be wearing chunky boots & a metal bar from around 6 weeks old for 23 hours a day. I didn't think I could cope.

The star of the show ... Hugo rocking he's boots & bar! 

Could you tell us a little about Hugo's condition?
Hugo's feet hasn't been the 'textbook' talipes. He was born with Bilteral Talipes, Given the full whack treatment as both feet were the most severe. But at around 11 months old I found out Hugo's feet had been over corrected. His left leg/foot/hip is hyper mobile. Thus meaning his feet stuck outwards & he walked with a walker like a penguin. He's now 23 months old & we are still battling the over correction. It's a long old road. But so rewarding. 

Oh wow, so how would you say your life has changed since having Hugo? 

My life has changed drastically - Firstly we moved back to Sussex when i was around 35 weeks pregnant we managed to go back to my parents house. We needed support around us. The hospital closer to my Mothers also specialised in Talipes babies. I wanted the best care possible for my little guy, I started my blog when Hugo was around 3 months old. I have made it my main goal to make as much awareness for Talipes as possible. We built our own flat pack home on my parents land. Finically it was the best for us & for my parents to be just next door is amazing. I wrote a Talipes book about a Teddy that won't wear his boots and bar. I have met the most amazing people through Hugos Talipes journey. I started an online Happy Feet Talipes Support group for parents or anyone with Talipes to join. In just over a year we have more than 600 members its been such an amazing success. 

Lets, not forget your daughter! Emilyn; How does she cope with Hugo's condition? Does she understand?
Emilyn was about 2 & a half when Hugo was born. I explained to her all about Hugo's casts & boots and bar (Hugo had casts for 5 weeks from 5 days old) Emilyn's now 4 years old. She has asked every now & then about "Why does Hugo wear these boots & bar mummy?" But she now knows He has special feet & has to wear boots to make his feet & keep his feet nice & straight, she says. She helps me put his boots & bar on too. I try to get her involved as much as I can. Hugo has 3 monthly check ups. After his last check up in November, Emilyn asked how it went? she then asked "When will he stop wearing them? He won't wear them when he's as big as me won't he mummy?" I told her he will be wearing them till he's a bit older than you. She burst out crying. & kept saying "No he can't, how can he wear them when he's as big as me? How will he run? how will be go to the toilet?" She was clearly very upset, she loves her brother. 

What made you start your blog? Are you glad you did & how are you finding the blogging world? 
 I started my blog, to help other mums, to take over GOOGLE, & to help myself. I've had many evenings crying over the laptop typing my heart out after a bad day with Hugo & his boots. I started my blog a few days after Hugo was put into boots & bar, The boots & bar was the hardest part. I couldn't get my head around it. I love my blog, I don't know where I'd be without it. I've not had any bad experiences with my blog & just lots & lots of positives. People find my blog & Myself when they are expecting their first talipes baby. It gives me that warm fuzzy feeling that I'm actually doing something good. 
A snap shot of Bex's blog ... 

Finally ... Is thee any advice you have for expecting mothers or mothers that have children with the same condition? 
My advice. Embrace the Talipes world. Show off your Talipes baby. Show the world you aren't afraid. Find other Happy Feet families ( My Facebook page Happy Feet Talipes) Has parents from all over the world. We try to do quarterly meet ups around the year too. 
Talipes is most definitely not the end of the world. Talipes is correctable, Your child will walk & run one day & my gosh does it make it that extra bit special. You will have hard days. But you will have the most amazing days. I am always here for anyone who needs reassurance or a moan or just a chat.

Bex explained that she took this picture the first day that Hugo had he's boots & bar - fantastic ; right?!

Below are some photographs that Bex has supplied to show Hugo's progress and development throughout he's treatment. I think it's fair to say that although he's got a long way to go, he's doing fantastically! I wish him and the entire family all the best on the rest of this journey - they deserve it!! 

Contact Bex;

Information & Helpful Links;

More from Bex? 
All of Bex's posts about Hugo and dealing with he's condition can be found at the following link 

You can purchase her book 'Wear your boots Ted' via amazon at the following link 

I can't thank Bex enough for agreeing to take part in this feature, and I look forward to working with her in the future on more projects. 

Don't forget to go over and follow her incredible journey via her blog. 

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