Thursday, 5 December 2013

Blue ... Aztec!

Hey guys! 

So as a plus size woman, I've often been too scared to try new things, styles and even more so patterns!! 
I'm sure a lot of you can agree?! 

I've often thought of trying new things, but when it comes down to it I get too 'scared' and back down.

Not long ago, I treated myself to some new clothes and I come across this beautiful Aztec top and I figured I'd try it out, after all if it looked that bad then I could just send it back - right? 

I love this top! 
It's so flattering and can be used as a casual top or formal. I've only worn this top twice and both have been casual occasions but I know with a killer pair of heels that this could be a brilliant statement top for a night out! 
It's so comfortable which is a fantastic pointer, as a plus size woman I find it hard to find clothes which are stylish and comfortable. This top has a rounded neckline, short sleeves and a flattering low hemmed back, which helps to hide any lumps and bumps you might have! It's available in sizes 14 - 32.
The top itself is 95% Viscose and 5% Elastane helping the top float and it's not vlingy at all.
I really recommend this top to anyone wanting to try out a burst of colour but wanting to reamin comfortable!! 

The Outfit.  

I teamed this top with a pair of black leggings which have stud details along the seem line and a pair of colour popping pumps.

The shoes are great, a brilliant and easy way to break up an outfit. 
I figured they worked great at breaking my outfit up, between the popping top and plain black leggings.  The leggings were just an old pair that I had floating around, I'm not too sure where I purchased them from but any tupe of black legging or jean would look great. In the summer months I would even consider wearing a pencil skirt with this top and maybe adding some heels. 

 Shopping List. 

TOP                    £21.00
SHOES                £8.00

What's your opinion? 
Have you tried anything new lately? 

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