Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Halloween 2013

Hey Guys! 
Happy Belated Halloween
... what did you get up too?

If I'm completely honest I wasn't really feeling Halloween this year - I think I'm growing up?! 
Although I still got dressed up, which I have done for the past few years and hit my local town this Saturday.

 Previous years I have gone as a 'Zombie School Girl' 'Dead Amy Winehouse' 'Mummy' and this year I was going to do the Amy Winehouse idea again, I decieded it against it as I actually loved Amy and felt it may have come across a little disrespectful.
So instead I created a 'Dead Doll' - kinda look!! I looked more like a drag queen, but who cares?! 

The night was a little bit of a flop from the start, I got really drunk and it was freezing cold out. I was in bed by 3am which is not like me for a night out! 

I have attached photographs from this weekend - I can already see you laughing, but don't worry I'm laughing with you!! 

So, what did you guys get up to? 
Did you dress up? 

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