Monday, 14 October 2013

rimmel wake me up foundation - review

Hey guys! 
So as I've not blogged frequently recently I have so much to review and blog about!
Starting with my Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation Review.

Now, as I've stated before I'm not one to hear about something and feel the need to rush out to buy it and if it means waiting a few weeks until it goes down in price then I'll happily do that too! Which I ended up doing with this, originally I spotted it for around £12.99 which was great for what it claimed to do, through no fault of my own I didn't end up getting it for a week or so and when I spotted it in my local 'Savers' store for just £4.99 I couldn't believe it! There was a massive sale on and this was one of the products I brought.
It claims "moisturising texture applies smoothly and leaves skin feeling soft and comfortable all day. Gives an instant flawless, natural-looking finish  Wake Up & Glow!"
Now I'm honestly not a huge fan of Rimmel products and I'm unsure as to why, I've just never tried anything or purchased a Rimmel product that stood out to me but this is completely different! I've never felt to excited about a Foundation before.
It's fantastic for my awful skin type which changes on a daily basis, application is easy

I found it best with a foundation brush and then going over some places (greasier, like the T-zone) with a sponge just to ensure the perfect cover.

Then sealing with a light powder. I've also found that little is more with this foundation. It's lasted me ages, I started using my normal amount and found I was wasting a fair amount from each application - so it's a double bonus!! 

So over all, it's fair to say I am in LOVE with this foundation!! I'd recommend it to anyone who is looking for a quick application foundation, which doesn't need too much faffing around with to ensure that it looks even and it really does brighten your face up! 

What do you think of Rimmel products? 

What's your favorite foundation at the moment? 
Have you tried Wake me up, what do you think? 

I hope you're all enjoying your week

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