Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Lauren's Way Dream Rollers - Review

Hi Guys! 

I received these for my birthday and I just haven't got around to using them so I made a point of using them this weekend and I've fallen in love! I tend to buy things and forget about them and I'd wanted them for so long when I finally received them as a gift I was surprised I didn't dive straight in! 

I have the 20 pack and I found that they were easy to work with. I tried them over 2 different days and changed a few factors just so I could review them to their full potential. I'm going to break my review down a little bit now . . . 

Although on the instructions it says to use the rollers with dry hair, I tried them on both dry and damp hair. 

Dry Hair:

I found that the Velcro material was a little annoying as it made my hair frizzy and fly away, which made applying the rollers a little difficult. I didn't follow any instructions when applying them. I placed them where I felt relevant and where I felt they'd do the best job for the style I have my hair in. I found them really comfortable over all but I'm not sure if it's just me, being the terrible sleeper that I am anyway but I couldn't sleep with them in. I got really arrogated and had to take them out, so I'm not sure I used them to their full potential. Although I didn't wear the rollers for as long as I'd planned too, I felt that the result was really good considering! It added great volume to the roots of my hair and even a slight curl throughout the ends. I know that if I'd have left them in for a longer I'd have had the best results - still I was chuffed!! 

Damp Hair: 

The following day I washed my hair and tried the rollers on damp hair. The biggest difference I noticed straight away was the lack of frizzy and fly away hair.  Obviously the dampness of my hair was overpowering the friction and preventing the static reaction.  So applying them was much easier than on Dry hair. Although this time I could feel them pulling on my hair and they wasn't as comfortable. I didn't try to sleep in them this time either, I just used them through the day. I had to blast dry my hair with a high temperature heat on my blow dryer because even after my hair being partially dry before hand and having my rollers in for a good hour or so I still felt that my hair was damp. Obviously this helped with the process as the heat promotes the fixing of the curl. Although I didn't really find it was the best option. The curls were pretty limp and it only added a slight amount of volume. 

Over all I would recommend using the rollers through a day time period and on Dry hair. I'd also recommend using a hair dryer on them just to add a little extra fixing on the curls. I honestly am so happy with these rollers though and I've begun to use them daily, whether it's just on my fringe, roots or the whole head. 

Have you used Dream Rollers? 
What did you think? 
Have you used Rollers of any other brand?

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