Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Dirty Works Lip Balm Duo - Review.

Hey ladies and gents! 

So I had a dig through some Christmas presents last week and I come across these!
Dirty Works Lip Balm Duo.
I've been wanting to have a try of them for a while now but the packaging looked too good to touch! (I'm sad like that) but I overcome the fear and indulged! 

Firstly I think the packaging is gorgeous, it's so bright and girly! I love the contrast of the pinks, purples and creams. I'm feeling the whole 50/60s style with the polka dots. I love how small the tins are too. They're almost like a Yo-Yo shaped tin with the curves and impressions on the sides of the tin. They're small and easy to handle, they're also easy to open which I often find a pain when dealing with small tins like these - so that's a bonus!! 

So you get 2 lip balms in the pack, 
- Cherry Kiss
- Coconut Caress 

Although I'm not a fan of anything Coconut (VOM) so I passed that one onto my Mum but I love the Cherry Kiss!!
It's become my daily love, I can't go a day without using it.
I carry it about with me everywhere. If you're  in to little pleasures then I'd recommend you grab a packet of these. I'm not sure as to how much they are to buy nor where you can get them but I've have a little browse online and come across them from £2.99 - £4.99 in  various drug stores! 

Have you tried any Dirty Works products?
What's your favorite Lip Balm? 

Have a brilliant week guys 

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