Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Happy 2013!

I just wanted to do a quick post to wish you all a very happy 2013 and I hope your Christmas was lovely! 
I personally think it went so quick! I'm back at college tomorrow which is a good thing because I love my routine and I've actually missed learning - ha! 

So a little recap of my Christmas for all you's that have asked .... 

I spent Christmas Eve, Day, Boxing Day & New Years all at my house! We had different members of the family and some close friends round. I think after the past few years it's all calmed down a little bit for us. I woke up Christmas Day with a Face-time off of my 16 month old Cousin which was majorly cute!! 

My Nan, Auntie, Uncle & Cousin then come round for dinner & presents. Then they returned on Boxing Day for again dinner & presents. 
We then all got into our Onesies, even my 71 year old Nan and chilled out! 

I received so much make up and beauty products for Christmas I can't wait to start blogging and reviewing them! 

New Years was pretty boring, we had a few people round and then at 12 I set off a few lanterns for the people who I lost last year who wouldn't be in my life from 2013 on wards ... 

Just touching on New Years Resolutions .... have you made any? I have made a pledge to loose some weight, so I joined Weight Watchers this Monday just gone. I'll update you every now and then with Weight Loss but if you wanted to follow that then follow me on Twitter :-) 

Happy New Year You Beautiful People! 

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