Wednesday, 9 January 2013


I've had a few tweets and emails about my Eyebrows so I thought I'd do a step by step with some top tips of mine! 

Firstly I'm going to show/tell you how I draw on my eyebrows... 
I get my effect by using a eye shadow palette and a old slanted eye shadow brush.

1). To start with you need to brush your eyebrows out with a eyebrow brush just make sure to brush your brow hairs upwards then slide the tip across the top to smooth out the edges...
2).  Fill in the ends of your brows - I tend to just lightly go over the shape that's already there.
3). I use the flat side of the brush to get a soft square shape and just lightly dab the beginning of each brow.

4). I then load up my brush and do a thin line above and below the shape of my brow.

5). I fill the middle in with more powder, depending on the occasion depends on how dark or defined I end up doing them! 

5 Easy Steps! 

Next I'm going to give you some tips on Eyebrow Shaping
I tend to wax my brows but I understand not everyone has the equipment for that. 
You might need to get them waxed if it's your first proper shape but if you're willing to try this out then by all means, just prepare yourself enough time to do so, the last thing you want is having to rush them and they end up wrong, wonky or worse yet brow-less!!! 

Things you will need ... 
1). Wet Wipes 
2). Tweezers (I find slanted ones best) 
3). Nail Scissors

Firstly (this is optional) you may want a little bit of cotton wool dipped in hot water. 
You can use this to place over your brows a few minutes before you begin, this will help to open your pores and make the plucking a little less painful !! 

Then you want to remember to stretch! Stretching is the key to a fairly pain-less pluck! 
I have some of the best techniques below ... 

Stretching Techniques.
I also tend to draw my eyebrows on before hand. 
This give me a better guideline as to where I should pluck. 
Why not try the guide I gave you above? 
When you're happy with the shape pluck around the drawn on shape, ideally leaving you with the perfect brow!! 

* * Remember when using a slanted tweezer to lay it flat to the skin and pull only one hair at a time. People tend to pluck 3 or 4 strands because its 'quicker' I promise you it'll just hurt more! * * 

Once you're happy with the basic shape you can use the scissors to 'clean up' you often find you get hairs that are longer than the others and look out of place when you've got your final shape, I line mine up with the top line of my brows and slowly snip them down so they're all the same length! 
I also use them to get a defined pointed shape at the ends of my brows. 
You can use them as much or little as you like - just insure you're careful as they are VERY sharp! 

So, I hope that cleared up some of your questions, please feel free to ask anymore ...
Comment, Tweet or Email me :-) 

I could do a video if that would explain better for you - just let me know! 
Also if you try this, let me know and why not post your results! 

Happy plucking! 

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